Psychology Level 3 Applied

Course Overview

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. Applied Psychology focuses on how Psychology can be used to tackle real world problems and improve people’s lives. Unlike A Level Psychology, it is assessed using both coursework and examinations. 

This course is available to study as an Extended Certificate (60-credit course, equivalent to 1 A Level)

In year 1, you will explore four key approaches: Social, Cognitive, Learning and Biological. You will also look at developing your understanding of how psychological research and concepts can explain gender identity, aggression and consumer behaviour. Your coursework will involve planning, conducting and reviewing your own research. In year 2, you will study Health Psychology. This includes the topics of lifestyle choice and health-related issues such as stress and addiction. Your coursework will be about the study of Forensic Psychology and offender profiling.

The course offers the opportunity develop extended writing skills, critical thinking, self-reflection, as well as use of academic convention in report writing. You will also acquire skills in working independently, time management and research methods – the ability to design and carry out research, analyse data and report findings.

Year 1 Modules

  • Approaches and Applications
  • Conducting Psychological Research

Year 2 Modules

  • Health Psychology
  • Criminal and Forensic Psychology

Key Info

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Five GCSEs at Grade 4 including:
    • Grade 4 in GCSE English Language
    • Grade 4 in GCSE Maths
    • Grade 4 in GCSE Double Science


  • 50% Exam
  • 50% Coursework
  • Exam Board: Edexcel

Exam Results 2022: 28% D* - D



Total students


Average class size







Why choose this course? 

You will enjoy this course if:

  • You are interested in how humans think, feel and interact with each other
  • Would like to work with people as a future career
  • Enjoy science at school
  • Are keen to carry out independent investigative research
  • Are good at working to deadlines
  • Like a challenging subject

You will be invited to participate in national and international trips such as a visit to Auschwitz in Poland to learn about the psychology of the Holocaust and to London Zoo to learn about phobias. We regularly invite visiting speakers from Universities as well as local employers such as Addenbrookes.

Skills you'll gain

You will gain transferable skills in critical thinking, exam techniques and revision. We run weekly workshops to support you in developing exam skills.

You will also gain skills in conducting research including report writing, academic conventions e.g. referencing.

As well as this you will develop skills in organisation, time management and working independently.

After Long Road

Many of our students go on to University having studied Applied Psychology.

However a significant and growing proportion are also following apprenticeships after College. Some examples are Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship and Degree Apprenticeships at Addenbrooke’s.

Applied Psychology has been a fascinating subject to take, learning the different views of how the mind works and why people act the way that they do in different situations. This is my first applied course and I have really enjoyed doing the coursework aspect: researching, planning and carrying out a study all of which was really fun to do. I have also enjoyed looking at a few studies in depth which I've found is better than memorising loads of studies in little detail. Finally, I like taking the knowledge that I have gained from psychology and applying that to the real world as it has sort of opened my eyes to some behaviours that I see in day to day life.