Maths A Level

Course Overview

In the modern world, mathematics is not only relevant but crucial to the development of methods that can be applied to solve problems in science and society. Mathematics is an excellent training for the mind, requiring precise and accurate work, clear logical thought and problem-solving skills. Why not join us and put your knowledge to the test?!

In Year 1, you will study a range of topics in pure maths: proof, algebra, graphs, binomial expansions, trigonometry, logarithms, calculus (differentiation and integration) and 2D vectors. You will also study two branches of applied mathematics. Mechanics deals with motion and the forces producing motion, while statistics is all about drawing conclusions form the analysis of data and probabilities.

In Year 2, you will study a further selection of pure maths including sequences, advanced calculus and 3D vectors. You will also continue the study of statistics, looking at conditional probability and the normal distribution as well as some further statistical hypothesis testing. In mechanics, we study moments, modelling with forces and friction, projectiles and more advanced kinematics.

You will be encouraged to enter for the Senior Maths Challenge and Senior Maths Team Challenge. You will also benefit from the Cambridge University STIMULUS project and opportunities to attend lectures and workshops. Support is also available for students wanting to take STEP or AEA papers.

Year 1 Modules

  • Pure Mathematics 1
  • Statistics and Mechanics

Year 2 Modules

  • Pure Mathematics 1
  • Pure Mathematics 2
  • Statistics and Mechanics

Key Info

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Five GCSEs at Grade 5 including:
    • Grade 6 in GCSE Maths
    • Grade 6 in 2 GCSE Sciences or GCSE Double Science
    • Grade 4 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature


  • 100% Exam
  • Exam Board: Edexcel


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Why choose this course? 

You will like Mathematics if you aspire to develop your logical thinking skills. You will find it really satisfying when you finally crack that hard problem and see how all the steps fit nicely together. You will also be tenacious, rising to every challenge, and not give up easily.

Maths is a challenge, but lots of support is available to help build your knowledge, skills and confidence for the future. The main support is via drop-in workshops and an additional lesson, timetabled at key points in the year. This is used to consolidate key topics and help prepare you for Key Assessments.

We also take part in the Senior maths challenge, senior maths team challenge and attend the Maths inspiration talks at the University of Cambridge.

Skills you'll gain

Although Mathematics is challenging, it has been the most popular A Level for several years. There are good reasons to study Mathematics even if you don’t want to do maths or science at university. It provides excellent training for the mind, requiring precise and accurate work, clear logical thought and problem – solving skills. Maths is the ideal subject to teach you these skills, and it may serve you well in the future.

After Long Road

The study of Maths helps to keep doors open for future (well-paid!) careers.Mathematics at this level looks good on your CV and can lead to a range of careers including Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Electronics and Architecture.

Students who completed their courses with us recently are now studying:

  • Mathematics at Sheffield
  • Computer Science at York
  • Biochemistry and Genetics at Nottingham
  • Electrical Engineering at Loughborough
  • Physics and Astronomy at Sussex

Not only is the course relevant to textile applications of maths in my developing career path, but also studying maths has boosted my negotiation, analytical and problem-solving skills.