Double Science GCSE

Course Overview

We believe that Science has something to offer every student, and that everyone needs some level of relevant scientific understanding. This course provides a science qualification for Level 2 students so that students of all abilities and all aspirations can realise their potential.

The course covers all three Sciences and has divided the content into two main sections: Biological Science and Physical Science, which contain connections between areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

There’s no better way to learn about Science than through purposeful practical activities as part of day- to-day teaching and learning. Our practicals are clearly laid out in the specification, so you know exactly what’s required.

This one-year qualification enables you to extend your range of GCSE qualifications to progress to Level 3 courses, gaining the equivalent to two GCSE choices. Working as part of a cohesive group, receiving tutorial support and study skills assistance from our specialist staff, you will build the foundations and skills which will enable you to be successful on a Level 3 study programme. 

Module Titles

  • Building Blocks
  • Transport over larger distances
  • Interactions with the Environment
  • Explaining Change
  • Building blocks for understanding
  • Interactions over small and large distances
  • Movement and interactions
  • Guiding spaceship Earth towards a sustainable future

Key Info

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Three GCSEs at Grade 4 including: 
    • Grade 3 in GCSE English Language
    • Grade 3 in GCSE Maths
    • Grade 3 in GCSE Science


  • 100% Exam
  • Exam Board: AQA

Exam Results 2022: 93% pass rate



Total students


Average class size







Why choose this course? 

A chance to make a fresh start and build up good study habits over the year to improve your GCSE scores, so you can access the courses you want to follow at Level 3 in Long Road in the next academic year.

You will enjoy this course if you approach the work with a positive attitude to self-improvement both in the grades you achieve and the study habits and skills you need.

Knowing what you want to achieve and why, is vital to your motivation, and your final level of achievement.

After Long Road

Most of the GCSE Level 2 students successfully achieve the grades needed for them to continue into the Level 3 studies of their choice at Long Road.

They are very often some of our best students in Level 3 classes due to their much improved study skills and their clear vision of their progression through and after Long Road.

I really enjoyed this year, and it was great to be treated as an adult and to have a second chance to get my work habits right