Student Code of Conduct

In order to make the College a pleasant place and an effective learning environment for everybody, the following rules have been drawn up after consultation with staff and students.

Download a copy of the Student Code of Conduct

Being an effective learner:

  • In order to promote learning you must follow instructions given by any member of staff
  • Use the Learning Resource Centre for study
  • Participate in classes
  • Keep your files / portfolios up to date
  • Meet all targets set for independent study
  • Only submit your own work
  • Phones should be turned to silent and used for study purposes in learning areas

Respect others:

  • Be considerate to other students and staff and respect the College facilities
  • Treat everyone respectfully and with an awareness of individual needs and differences
  • Be silent in designated quiet study areas
  • Maintain behaviour and language appropriate for a working
  • environment
  • Actively discourage bullying
  • Keep noise at a reasonable level in social areas when lessons are taking place

Safety in College:

  • The IT Acceptable Use Policy and the College Health and Safety Policy must be adhered to
  • The College is a no smoking site. Students must not smoke on campus or on neighbouring roads. The no smoking rules will be implemented between 8.30am and 4.30pm and students may not leave the site to smoke and then return to lessons.
  • No illegal drugs are permitted on the College site. This includes drugs known as legal highs.
  • Weapons must not be brought onto the College site
  • Students should not be in College or on College activities in an intoxicated state

Respecting the environment

  • Be considerate of the needs of our neighbours when arriving at or leaving the College site
  • Put rubbish and litter in the bins provided and use the recycling facilities

Food and Drink

  • Do not eat or drink in classrooms, the Learning Resource Centre or corridors. However, bottled water is allowed in teaching and study areas
  • All hot food must be eaten in the Food Centre or outside of College buildings
  • Alcohol is not permitted in College

Use of the college site:

  • Students should carry their ID card at all times and show it when asked to do so
  • Only students with a disability may park on the College site
  • The speed limit of 10 mph on the College site must not be exceeded
  • The College is a working environment and only official visitors are welcome
  • Official visitors should sign in at Reception and wear a visitor’s badge in College