Post-Results Services

Your guide to getting exam results 2022

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If you think your results are wrong...

The review and appeals process is carried out by exam boards – there are different options, and different costs. All boards must follow the JCQ guidance.

  • The college must contact the boards on your behalf.
  • All requests must be emailed to
  • You must pay the fees via the Exams Shop before we will submit your request.

Information on the different types of post-results services available can be found below.

Clerical check, reviews and appeals

Service 1: Clerical Check

  • Makes sure no pages were missed by the marker, and that marks were added up correctly and recorded properly.
  • Request Deadline: 8th February 2023 (college deadline)

Service 2: Review of Marking

  •  This is a post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the mark scheme has been applied correctly. Grades can stay the same, or go up, or go down.
  • A marking error can occur because of:
    • an administrative error;
    • a failure to apply the mark scheme where a task has only a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer;
    • an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement.
  • Reviewers will not re-mark the script. They will only act to correct any errors identified in the original marking.

    • BTEC Nationals Level 3 Review of Marking £42.40 deadline 6th April 2023
    • BTEC Nationals Level 3 Priority Review of Marking deadline 3rd April 2023
    • Cambridge Technicals Priority access to scripts £14.75 deadline 24th March 2023
    • Cambridge Technicals access to scripts £14 deadline 6th April 2023
    • Cambridge Technicals Review of marking 6th April 2023.

Appeals and Complaints

  •  An appeal can only be made AFTER a Review of Marking and can only be made by the Principal directly to the awarding organisation (Exam Board). The college would have to clearly state the grounds for appeal.
  •  If you are still unhappy following a Review of Marking, please contact and we will contact you to assess if we would support a further appeal.
  •  If there are other concerns relating to the exams that you are unhappy about, please contact the Vice Principal, Steve Dann at in the first instance.
  •  The formal complaints' policy can be found on the college website.

Access to exam scripts (ATS)

  • Click here to download Form B – Access to Scripts
  • Get your papers back from the exam board.
  • The college may want to see some student scripts if we think there is a problem with marking – usually if a subject’s results are much worse than we expected. We will get your consent to do this.
  • We may decide to ask for a Review of Results for all candidates in a subject.
    • A Review of Results can cause grades to be moved up or down.
  • We may want to see some scripts for training purposes – to see where the gaps in knowledge were in order to put more time into those sections of the course for new students.
    • In both these cases, we will ask students for permission to use the scripts and get consent.