Clubs & Societies

Our broad enrichment programme of student-led clubs and societies encourages you to widen your horizons and develop valuable skills that will complement the knowledge gained in your classes. Your wellbeing is a priority for us, so take a break and get involved in something you enjoy! Whatever your passion, you can find your people here.

Some of our clubs & societies currently include: 

  • Asian Society
  • Chess Club
  • Christian Society
  • Connect Club
  • Business Life Skills
  • Black Peoples' Society
  • Dungeons and Dragons Club
  • Feminist Society
  • Latin-American & Hispanic Society
  • K-POP Society
  • Muslim Society
  • Nerds of the Round Table
  • Politics Society
  • Pride Club
  • The Long Lens student film magazine

You can ask your Progress Coach about how to get involved in our student societies; or if you'd like to set up your own club then head over to The Helpdesk in the Student Centre where your Student Services Team will be happy to help you.  

Performance Enrichment

Do you love being centre stage? From choirs to a theatre company, you don’t have to be studying Performing Arts to get involved in our stage shows or Open-Mic events. Not a born performer? Take control of the lighting, costumes, set design or music. Our state-of-the-art Performing Arts studio and music studios are available for you to use to prepare for performances throughout the year.

LAMDA Acting Examinations

The LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Performance: Acting is designed to enable learners to develop a wide range of acting skills. Learners will perform their chosen scenes from memory, integrating their knowledge and skills to demonstrate a mature understanding of the material. There will be a sense of ownership and self-awareness. Presentation will be grounded in thorough and relevant preparation. Learners will combine physical and vocal flexibility to support and inform characterisation and engage the audience.

On completion of this unit the learner(s) will be able to:

  • Perform the chosen scenes from memory, demonstrating an understanding of the material.
  • Use vocal skills in response to the text
  • Create a physical response to the text.
  • Know and understand the content and context of the chosen scenes
  • Know and understand the key principles and influences in the process of acting for one of the following practitioners: Constantin Stanislavski, Bertolt Brecht or Jerzy Grotowski (Grade 8 only).

LAMDA qualifications carry UCAS points:

  Bronze Silver Gold
Distinction 12 points 16 points 30 points
Merit 10 points 14 points 27 points
Pass 8 points 12 points 24 points

RADA Shakespeare Awards (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art)

The RADA Shakespeare Awards aim to develop:

  • Understanding of Shakespeare’s texts and characters
  • Communication of performance, words, emotions and ideas
  • Creative flexibility, confidence and reflection on the work

The assessment consists of ‘in the moment’ feedback from the RADA Assessor and the opportunity to perform again.

Drama Enrichment overview:

  • An exciting challenge to present a Shakespearean sonnet and speech
  • During a fun and creative session, you will receive individual feedback, ideas to try and ways to develop your performance skills and understanding of the text