Study Programmes

Long Road Sixth Form College is a college of just over 2,600 students on the outskirts of Cambridge. One of two Sixth Form Colleges in the city, the college is inclusive and comprehensive. Students come from a wide range of schools covering a large geographical area. The average GCSE score on entry is lower than average for the sector, and around 200 students start on a 1-year access course, completing Level 2 courses, before starting the two-year Level 3 programme.

Entry criteria are 5 Grade 5s (including for English and Maths) for A level courses and 5 Grade 4s for Applied General courses (BTEC and OCR Cambridge Technicals) including for English. Some subjects have higher entry requirements.

Around 60% of leavers progress to HE with the remainder going directly into employment or training. The college was rated Good by OFSTED in 2020.

Long Road Sixth Form College provides students aged 16 – 19 with a flexible, full-time, Study Programme. The Study Programme consists of a minimum of 600 hours per year which is made up of...

The Core Qualification Aim

Level 3 students take A level courses, General Applied courses, or a combination of these. Each A level is taught for 4.5 hours per week, with additional Plus Time of 30 minutes where appropriate. Applied General courses (Extended Certificate or Introductory Diploma, equivalent to one A level) have 5 hours of study per week.

Students will typically receive 15 hours per week of their Core Qualification Aim.

A few students will be allowed to take an additional A level, usually Further Maths.

English and Maths Level 2

Any student without English Language or Maths at Grade 4 or above will add this to their Study Programme. Students with a Grade 3 in Maths GCSE will complete a qualification as a stepping-stone qualification in order to take the GCSE in a subsequent year.

Although English Literature GCSE is acceptable for funding and entry requirements, we require all students without GCSE English Language to retake the subject for progression security.

Additional qualifications

The college offers a limited range of optional additional qualifications, mainly the Extended Project. Students choose to take this course in Year 2 in addition to their Core Qualification Aim.

Non-qualification activity

Students are encouraged to take part in enrichment, although it is not compulsory.

The college organises a range of both extracurricular and super-curricular activity, including opportunities with  universities, local employers and other external organisations.

COVID-19 Support for English and Maths GCSE

The college will provide individual and small group (up to 5) support sessions for students who do not yet have Grade 4 in English or Maths GCSE. These sessions will supplement the classroom teaching and enable students to have more personal feedback and help with their preparation for GCSE exams. This support is funded by the Government.

Support will be taking place online while the college site is closed. Students will receive support individually or in small groups (up to 5) using the breakout rooms in the Teams channel. If you would like to know more, please contact