Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning is integral to your success here at Long Road. Partnership between you and your teachers is extremely important. Throughout your time at Long Road you will work closely with all your teachers to develop a range of learning skills.

A supportive learning environment

You will have access to excellent facilities in a supportive learning environment, including:

  • Excellent IT facilities
  • Open access Learning Resource Centre for independent study
  • Strong links with external organisations e.g. Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Arts Picturehouse, The Junction, scientific research and pharmaceutical companies and organisations, universities, colleges and a wide range of businesses
  • Subject workshops to consolidate and extend learning
  • Access in Year 1 to a team of Year 2 peer mentors, who support new students
  • Experienced staff who provide students with regular support

You will also have regular opportunities to get involved in the student community and also to develop a range of skills, not just through subject lessons but through enrichment activities, programmes of external speakers, organised visits and residential trips.


All staff at Long Road Sixth Form College are committed to providing excellent teaching for you and so take part in continuing professional development to ensure that subject knowledge is current and that teaching methodologies are innovative.

Many staff members take part in:

  • Peer observations – this programme of visits is designed to share best practice
  • Examining – this allows staff to gain an insight into the expectations examination boards have of students
  • Articles – staff have written numerous articles in their specialist areas and are recognised authorities in their field
  • Regular training – all staff attend regular training throughout the year to ensure that they are up-to-date with new teaching strategies as well as subject-specific developments. Staff regularly update their knowledge of the implementation of equality and diversity strategies and the safeguarding of all students.

Progress Audits

The Progress Audits are based around the VESPA characteristics of successful students.

Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude

Vision relates to the goal students have, and attitude relates to how students respond to setbacks and learning from the feedback received. The other three areas are covered in the document descriptors.

Please click here to download the Progress Audit Indicators document.