Environmental Science A Level

Course Overview

Students who enjoy a multidisciplinary approach to learning and have a keen interest in the sustainability of our planet will find our new course engaging and thought-provoking. Lessons include real life case studies, meaning this contemporary qualification has never been more relevant!

Throughout your studies, you will consider environmental issues and reach conclusions based on reliable evidence-based information and quantitative data. You will develop an understanding of how human society relies upon natural systems for resources and life support systems. You will use your understanding of these systems to propose changes in society that would produce sustainable lifestyles.

Scientific research is a fundamental part of Environmental Science, and good research skills are needed to collect representative data so that you can form reliable conclusions in your research. We place a strong emphasis on developing your working scientifically skills, and there are opportunities for skills development and independent thinking throughout the course. You will plan and conduct investigative activities into environmental issues, undertaking a minimum of 4 days of fieldwork.

The assessment structure is clear and straightforward and uses a mixture of question styles, so that you have the best opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding. This course is a great accompaniment to A Levels in Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths and develops key skills including communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Year 1 Modules

  • The Living Environment
  • The Physical Environment
  • Pollution
  • Research Methods

Year 2 Modules

  • Energy Resources
  • Biological Resources
  • Sustainability
  • Research Methods

Group of male and female students wearing waterproof clothing stood at the bottom of a large waterfall in Iceland


Key Info 

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Five GCSEs at Grade 5 including:
    • Grade 6 in GCSE Maths
    • Grade 6,6 in GCSE Science
    • Grade 5 in GCSE English Language


  • 100% Exam
  • Exam Board: AQA


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Why choose this course? 

Scientific research is a fundamental part of Environmental Science and good research skills are needed to collect representative data so that reliable conclusions can be formulated.

You will plan activities to investigate environmental issues which they can carry out and will plan activities to investigate environmental issues in broader environmental contexts where first-hand experience would not be possible.

Fieldwork is essential for A Level Environmental Science.  You will carry out field studies through field investigations performed in local areas and a residential field trip to one of the Field Studies Council’s sites based around the country.  Although not compulsory, attendance on the trip is advantageous for success on the course and will build both practical and teamwork skills.

You will enjoy this course if you have a genuine interest and ability in the subject, and a desire to achieve your very best.

Skills you'll gain

There are opportunities for skills development and independent thinking. Working scientifically is a key theme throughout this course. There are opportunities for students to develop scientific skills within the context of each topic. These include skills related to the methodologies and sampling techniques that students will gain through first-hand experience; and skills related to research methods that will be gained through class-based and/or practical activities.

After Long Road

As a broad, multidisciplinary subject, Environmental Science can open a broad range of potential avenues for further study.  Those most closely related to Environmental Science include courses like ecology, environmental management, and marine biology.  Employment opportunities in this field are wide-ranging and growing, and an A Level in this subject could lead to a career such as sustainability consultant, water quality scientist or environmental engineer.