Join our alumni community today!

We would like to invite you to join the Long Road alumni network. Alumni just means a former student, and we are being helped by a charity called Future First to find and reconnect with former Long Road students that have left over the years. 

More than ever before we want to keep in touch with and be here for you after you leave, and to provide opportunities to build confidence and skills. Don’t worry – we won’t bombard you, just a few emails a year sharing news and opportunities to get involved. Check out this little video to see why former students around the country are joining their college’s alumni networks.

It takes two minutes to sign up, just follow this unique sign up link, and make sure to use your own email address (not your Long Road email address). 

We want to show current students the variety of pathways available to them after leaving school. We will also keep you informed of Long Road news and any social events. Once on the network, there is no obligation to volunteer, and you can get involved around your availability.