A Levels Explained

A Levels are two-year academic qualifications which you can take in a variety of subjects.

To create a full study programme you need to choose the equivalent of 3 courses; you can do this by studying 3 A Levels, or by combining A Levels with Level 3 Applied courses. 

Please click here to see a full list of A Level courses currently on offer to our students.

Note: We regularly review our entry requirements. Please check our course pages for up-to-date course specific entry requirements. 

Combining A Levels and Level 3 Applied courses

At Long Road we give you the freedom to create your own academic study programme with unique combinations of both A Levels and Level 3 Applied courses.

All Level 3 study programmes consist of a learning aim equalling 3 parts:

  • A Levels equal 1 part.
  • Level 3 Applied courses equal 1, 2 or 3 parts.

You can combine these different elements to create your individual programme:

Select just A Levels...

  • A Levels x 3

... Or just Level 3 Applied courses...

  • Extended Diploma
  • Extended Certificate x 3
  • Diploma + Extended Certificate

... Or a mixture of both

  • A Level + Extended Certificate x 2
  • A Level + Diploma
  • Extended Certificate + A Level x 2

When you make your application we’ll invite you to an interview we can give you advice and guidance on the best combination of subjects to meet your progression aims.


You will be assessed by examination at the end of Year 2. Some A Levels have a coursework component, usually 20%.

Minimum Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs, including GCSE Maths and GCSE English. Grade 5 or above relevant in relevant GCSE subjects.

Courses will have specific entry requirements depending on the nature of the course. For example courses with a lot of extended writing will need higher grades in English GCSE. Please see course pages for details.

Your Future

You can use your A Levels to progress to university, an apprenticeship or employment.