Meet our Long Road Scholars 2022/2023

Thank you so much to all of our Scholar Award applicants this year; our Principal was delighted to read so many wonderful applications! After careful consideration we have selected our 2022 scholarship winners and are so excited to introduce you to them today!

This week we held our first focus group meetings with our Long Road Scholars! We were very excited to get to know our enw Year 1 Scholars, and welcome back our returning Year 2 Scholars. Massive congratulations to Alexandra, Ben, Beth, Ella, Emma, Ethan, Farouk, Gopika, Hattie, Isabel, Lilly, Liv, Lorenzo, Maddie, Madeleine, Milli, Remi, Sammy and Tomos – our new Year 1 Scholars! Further congratulations to our returning Year 2 Scholars Abbie, Destiny, Dominic, Flynn, James, Julija, Kayleigh, Lucy, Megan, Rosie and Sharen.

We can’t wait to work with you all over the coming academic year and to see how you can shape our college community!

If you’re applying to study with us and feel inspired by our current Scholars then why not make an application yourself? Click here to start your application today!


Secondary School: Newmarket Academy
Studies: Business, Economics & Maths A Levels
Career Goal: Financial Services Degree Apprenticeship

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student is the balance of independence and support I receive from my teachers, progress coaches and other mentors around college. Having a voice as a scholar has also nurtured my confidence and team working skills, as I have been involved in various events including open evenings and tours for prospective students. 

My advice for year 1 students would be to start thinking about your journey after Long Road. Attending university open days and apprenticeship talks will help you to gauge what your intention is for after A-levels. This will take the pressure off when you start increasing your hours of study in the second year, so you can focus on revision. But most importantly, enjoy it! Don’t be too hard on yourself, everything will always work out in the end.

I am planning on putting the scholarship money towards travelling after exams and widening my economics knowledge in new places around the world. I am also looking to go to Africa and build a new school or help teach young children, so I will put some money towards doing that after my exams.




Secondary School: The Highfield School
Studies: Biology, Chemistry & Maths A Levels
Career Goal: Veterinary medicine 

I chose to study at Long Road because I found that it offers the most opportunities of any school I researched and has the best support system for students that I could find. So far, I've absolutely loved the independence that Long Road offers. It's such an amazing bridge between the very structured, locked up nature of secondary school, and the complete freedom that comes with university. It's helped me get better at time management, and makes it feel like school, and learning, is a choice, rather than something I'm forced to do, which makes me more motivated to put higher effort into my studies.

I chose to apply for the Scholars Award because I knew that it would look amazing on my personal statement for university, and it gave me the opportunity to contribute to the school and community in a meaningful way. If you win it, it will look great on a personal statement, CVs and can let you change the school in a way that suits you and the wider student body. It's free to apply, and it doesn't take that long. There's no good reason not to! The money will mostly help to pay for transport costs, along with school essentials, new clothes for sixth form, and the Anki app for mobile.



Secondary School: Impington Village College
Studies: Biology, DT & Geography A Levels
Career Goal: Degree Apprenticeship

I chose to study at Long Road because it offered the courses I wanted and an environment to suit my aims. The site was more open than other colleges I had visited previously, and everyone was welcoming when I visited the college at the open evenings. Long Road is a welcoming college which gives you the flexibility to work in a way that works for you. The staff are supportive and help you to plan for your next steps, regardless of what you want to do. Long Road offers a huge array of subjects, and no combination is not allowed, meaning you can study the subjects which you want to the most.

I applied for the Scholars Award I wanted to be able to make change to better the college and make learning more enjoyable for its students. I knew that I would be willing to put in extra effort beyond the curriculum, so it made sense to apply for the scholar’s award to make it more formalised. The scholars award offers you and incentive to work hard for your GCSE’s and is great for people who give their time to the college anyway. The financial benefit is something that is not offered elsewhere, so I would encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. I will be spending my money on a variety of things: probably some meals out and perhaps a new bike.



Secondary School: Impington Village College
Studies: Art, English Language and Literature & Psychology A Levels
Career Goal: University or a creative career path

I chose to study at Long Road as I felt it best fit my passions, and it would help me progress through to higher education. When visiting at the open events, I found the area, green spaces and facilities very impressive and I thought it would be an ideal place to study and learn for my A Levels. The people - both students and teachers - are very friendly and helpful, meaning Long Road has cultivated a lovely community. This, along with the colleges' eagerness to support students and their self-expression, talents and goals, made Long Road a perfect place for me to spend my next two years.

When I found out about the scholars award, I was eager to apply as it looked like a good opportunity to aid and connect with the college, and it’s community. It will also be good life experience and help me apply for future education and jobs. It’s a good chance to strive further and push yourself out of your comfort zone, while getting involved in your college community. The experience will also help out later on in life! I plan on saving my scholarship money, so I have some funds to help me progress later on in life, or for supplies such as art equipment!

My favourite thing about long road so far has to be the people, I’ve met so many wonderful new friends and have great teachers, who are very knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. It has made the beginning of sixth form extremely fun and a lot easier than I expected!



Secondary School: Linton Village College
Studies: Biology, Chemistry & Maths A Levels
Career Goal: Research Science 

As a year 2 student, my favourite thing about being a Long Road student is the range of enrichment opportunities; the school email lots of different opportunities to sign up and try. My main aim is to get my A Levels and leave the college with good grades. After that, I would like to travel to volunteer then get a degree in university.

My advice to the new Year 1's is to stay organised and listen to the advice given by teachers. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers questions regardless of how silly they may seem in your mind. Be very attentive to what type of revision suits you, it is not the same for everyone so try it all out to find what suits you the most.

I am saving my scholarship money to use  towards a trip abroad to volunteer at or use for equipment required throughout the school year.



Secondary School: Witchford Village College
Studies: Criminology Extended Certificate, Geography & Psychology A Level's
Career Goal: Psychotherapist

I have loved the college’s relaxed and friendly approach to learning, as well as the great additional support you can get if you need it; the college has a very diverse way of learning that can be tailored to you. The college is very good at helping new starters and helping push them into a more independent way of studying which works really well. Long Road also provides lots of useful help on lesson work and guidance on future ambitions.

My advice for year 1 students would be to ensure that you keep your free periods free, so you don’t get behind on any subjects – remember you’re still full time students! I would also advise making sure that you keep time for yourself, a time when you don’t think about college work, as looking after yourself is vital to achieving.

With my scholarship money, I purchased an iPad with which to do my college work and this has proved to be extremely helpful especially as I study coursework subjects.

To work towards my career goals, I am taking a gap year in which I plan to complete some MOOC courses, and preferably complete some work experience, perhaps in the form of volunteer work to gain experience in the field of clinical psychology.



Secondary School: St Mary's, Cambridge
Studies: English Literature, Film & Media A Level's
Career Goal: Film industry - Cinematography or Directing

I chose Long road because I felt like it was the best place for developing my interests. I felt like there were many like-minded people. I felt like Long Road had the friendliest and best atmosphere which, for me, is the most important thing in order to feel comfortable to learn. The scholarship award seemed like a great opportunity to learn leadership and also give back to the school community. As well as this, it was great motivation for continuing to prepare for my GCSEs and to try to achieve the best grades possible and the money awarded with it has allowed me to expand my learning further, hopefully helping me even more with my upcoming A Level exams - allowing me to go on trips, such as the film trip to pinewood studios where I was able to learn first hand about the film industry and how it works, have the ability to buy and read books linked to my course expanding my knowledge and allowing me to think about topics through a more diverse perspective. By the end of the year I also hope to use this money to buy film equipment that I can use for my coursework and also in the future. 

Long road has already become an amazing experience with teachers who are really passionate about their subjects and are able to make interesting lessons 

How would you encourage Year 11s to apply for the Scholars Award?  To the year 11s currently considering where to go next year I highly recommend considering Long road, while it can seem scary to leave the type of schooling you are used to I guarantee it will be outweighed by the ability to be treated like an adult and to have an experience that is fully tailored to you and your progression.

Everyone here is sweet and has a genuine interest for their subjects. I didn’t move with any friends from my previous school and yet very quickly met like-minded and sweet people, which was definitely a large relief. I've been able to feel much more independent yet still supported by the many different networks in the school which is extremely important for the transition to a level, and I can say that in my first term I have become very confident and adapted to independent learning which isn’t something I was as used to at GCSE. 





Secondary School: Cromwell Community College
Studies: English Language & Literature, History & Sociology A Level's
Career Goal: Oxbridge or Russell Group university,  then a career in Law

I chose to study at Long Road over elsewhere because the staff and students were so welcoming and positive. The environment is very inclusive and open to debates and discussions and there were many places indoors and outdoors to hang out. One of the key factors of Long Road which inspired me to join here was the beautiful green areas behind the college – whilst I haven’t had the best opportunity to use this very much yet due to wet weather, seeing animals like squirrels and birds and having such a large space of quiet filled with different colours and bridges was very calming and proved the atmosphere of the college really caters towards the welfare of the students. Similarly, the opportunities within sports inspired me – and usage of the gym for everybody, and I now am able to play Rugby for the first ever time for a girls team.

I applied for the Scholars award for many reasons. I think representations within schools from the students themselves is very important in improving how things are set up. Similarly, I enjoy being a part of a communal group – working towards something productive with people similarly motivated like me. I plan on using the scholarship money predominantly for two separate things. My passion is travelling, and so I’d like to use a portion of it to go towards train tickets to visit central London. Alternatively, I want to give a lot this Christmas and really enjoy the spirit of it – since the past few years have been mostly isolated because of Covid, and I’ve grown a lot since it began, I think giving gifts is an essential part of the celebration to those I love.

My favourite thing about Long Road so far is the overall atmosphere, I love it – the genuine communal focus that the students and teachers hold and the willing to help, without putting extensive pressure on anybody. I think however that my overall favourite thing is the freedom that long road has – with different opportunities but little compulsory things, it encourages me to take advantage without being weighed down by pressure that I have to be there.



Secondary School: Cromwell Community College
Studies: Criminology Extended Certificate, History & Sociology A Level's
Career Goals: Keeping my options open!

I chose to study at Long Road because I wanted a change from the environment of my secondary school. I wanted something that would give me more freedom and independence. I applied for the scholar's award partially because it helped to motivate me to do my best in my GCSEs. I wanted to prove that I could do well, and this award was a way to measure that. I also had considered volunteering around the college anyway, so getting involved in that was an extra bonus. I've been thinking of saving it for equipment, maybe a new laptop for when I go to university. I might also use some of it to buy some more books.

To year 11s considering Long Road, I think that the environment of the college really stands out. The people, staff and general mood of the college is positive, and the freedom you have here relative to a secondary school sixth form is incredible (also, studying in Cambridge is cool). The scholars award feels incredibly rewarding, both to work towards and to potentially achieve it and contribute to the college.

My favourite thing so far about being a Long Road student is that everything  feels so casual and calm here. I've enjoyed walking around the woods on campus and being able to manage my time independently and do my work in my free time.




Secondary School: GEMS Wellington Dubai silicon oasis
Studies: Business, Economics & Maths A Levels
Career Goal: Get the highest grades in all of my subjects!

I chose to study at Long Road because one of my relatives used to attend the college and recommended it to me as she really enjoyed her time here. I applied for the Scholar's Award as I felt like I would be able to meet the requirements if I put in the hard-work in Year 11. I plan on spending the money while on holiday, or saving it for the future. 

I would encourage Year 11's to apply to Long Road because it's a chance to feel like an adult; my experience so far in college has been more self-dependant, whereas in school I have to depend on my parents to make most decisions and had to attend full hours every day to subjects I wasn't interested in. If they are thinking about applying for the Scholars Award I would say, work hard on each of your subjects and get the highest grades you can achieve. Don't let your predicted grades determine whether you should apply or not as this is only a prediction of what they could get. However, they should put in effort throughout the whole year and treat mocks like GCSE’s as they are the closest things to the real exams. Don’t try to get high grades, try to do your best!

So far, my favourite thing about being a Long Road student is that it has been very easy to adjust to the timetable, and I was given all the necessary resources to do good in my subjects. The collage offers many facilities for us to use during free time, which is another thing I like about the collage. I also like how being a long road student allows me to be treated like an adult during collage, as it is something I wouldn’t have experienced in a school.



Secondary School: Marshaland High School
Studies: Maths, Physics & Psychology A Levels
Career Goal: Study Physics with Astrophysics at University

My favourite thing about Long Road is the freedom you have both socially and educationally. You get to meet and be exposed to all different kinds of people and situations as well as being able to independently work at times and places that you are comfortable with. I have learnt so much from small passing conversation and even ended up talking to a lecturer who studies in my field of interest.  Even if you don’t have a lesson it is such a good environment that I don’t hesitate to find my teachers and ask questions – you never get put down for needing support. I feel this freedom educationally, and with the fewer contact hours that you get, is beneficial in preparing me for the university style of working.

In preparation for my progression from Long Road to university, I am doing an EPQ that closely relates to the subject that I want to study further as well as visiting on university open days to get an idea of what life will be like.

The money I have received from the scholar’s award has gone towards my college experience as a whole, whether it is the rainforest level of textbooks I now own, contributing to college trips, funding experiences and not forgetting sneaking lunch trips out with friends in free periods.

Advice to year 1 students: enjoy first year - have a good understanding of first year content because this will make year two so much easier - but have fun because in no time you will be your second year; the cycle continues.





Secondary School: Ely College
Studies: Criminology & Psychology Extended Certificates, Sociology A Level
Career Goal: Criminal Psychologist

I chose to study at Long Road since the courses interested me and I feel like there is a lot of student support available. I was also intrigued by the wide range of enrichment and ambassadorial roles. I thought that the Scholars Award would be a great addition to my CV, and I’m also passionate about making a change to my college community. I am planning on saving my Scholarship money and putting it towards university. Applying for the Scholars award has been a great factor in motivating me to strive for higher grades, and it’s also a great chance to represent our college and have a voice. It will also really stand out on your CV, which helps for uni and employment.

I think that Long Road is a great place as you’ll feel included. Everyone is very supportive and the wide variety of student support is something that is unique to Long Road, which helped me feel welcomed. I was nervous about starting my A-Levels, but the relaxed environment here has helped me get used to the change. I feel like I have much more freedom and flexibility in my life. I have also really enjoyed my subjects, as all of my teachers are helpful. The college environment has helped me feel included, and I’m excited to continue my studies.



Secondary School:Swavesey Village College
Studies: Business, French & Politics A Level
Career Goal: Join the armed forces as an officer

The environment at long road was very welcoming and friendly whilst still being focussed on academic achievements. I decided to apply for the Scholars Award because I enjoyed being a student leader at Swavesey and liked having a say and input into current and future affairs regarding the school. I wanted the opportunity to represent the students at the college. I am planning on putting some of the money towards a computer and any left over towards a trip to France.

I would encourage year 11s to look at long road in the sense of the atmosphere and values that the school holds especially towards their academic achievements. You should apply for the Scholars Award because you get to be involved in current and future college affairs focusing on college life. I would encourage anyone who likes a challenge and likes being involved. This will look great on your cv for future employment opportunities. And finally the financial incentive is a bonus.

In my short time being a student at long road I have enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and also the study areas that enable me to get any work done but also catch up with new and old friends.






Secondary School:Regents International School Pattaya
Studies: Biology, Chemistry & Psychology A Level's
Career Goal: Research medicine or management in a large pharmaceutical organisation.

I chose to study at Long Road because I was impressed with the range of courses on offer, the facilities, and the staff, who built very positive relationships right from the beginning. I applied for the award because I was fairly confident that I could achieve the grades required. I also thought that I would be able to contribute many things to the college. Throughout secondary school I took part in many extracurricular activities including sports, D of E and many leadership roles such as team captains. I hope to continue these things during my time in sixth form as a Long Road scholar. I plan on spending the money on a personal academic project related to one of my A level subjects.

At Long Road, I am enjoying being more independent with my studies, which is how college differs from secondary school the most. By having more freedom than in school, I have been able to find ways of working that suit me best.



Secondary School: Trumpington Community College
Studies: Graphic Design Extended Certificate, Maths & Psychology A Level's
Career Goal: Interior Architecture and Design at University 

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student has been the college environment. I came to Long Road because I heard that it has a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, which I have found to be very true. I love the study and social spaces that the college offers which enable students to spend time with their friends as well as get lots of work done. My work ethic has improved greatly at Long Road due to these available spaces and the calm environment. 

My advice to Year 1 students would be to not rush things. Year 1 for me went by really quickly, so quickly it still feels like I’m in my first year. I recommend taking things slowly and enjoying the process as much as you can (it’s only two years). I also have to say that missing lessons in college is very different to missing lessons in secondary school. I really recommend not missing lessons because at college, a whole new topic could be covered in one lesson, and teaching yourself a completely new topic is not fun. 

I am saving my scholarship money for university because the course that I want to do requires lots of different materials. University by itself is not cheap, so I want all the help I can get for it. 

At the moment I am just trying to do the best that I can in my A Levels so that I get into the university I want. Getting into university will enable me to get a degree so that I can then get my dream job as an Interior and Spatial Designer. 





Secondary School: The Highfield School
Studies: Biology, Chemistry, Maths & Further Maths A Level's
Career Goal: Biomedical Science

Now in Year 2, I have studied at Long Road for over a year! The college has proven to me countless times that it really is a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The teachers at Long Road are very dedicated and passionate. They really do want you to succeed with amazing resources, in-depth teaching and plus-time outside of timetable for students who need extra support or want time with their teachers to get work done. They have amazing pastoral care and are more than willing to make accommodations for students to be their best and flourish during their studies. In my opinion, it is the perfect balance of being independent and taking responsibility for yourself, and an amazing support system that will always help when you need it.

For Year 1 students, my advice is to revise often and keep on top of work, use the resources teachers provide for you. It will prove to be so helpful closer to your A Level exams, when the pressure and workload increases. Go over your notes after classes and do past papers on the topic, it’s the best way to understand the content and know how examiners want you to answer questions. Try your best in Key Assessments, as they will help when it comes to predicted grades.

So far, my scholarship money has gone towards resources for my courses and transport to and from college.

To work towards my progression/career goals, I am working very hard with my A Levels, writing in-depth notes and revising when I can. I am applying to Universities for MSci Biomedical Science, helping me progress easier into the industry.



Secondary School: Linton Village College
Studies: Criminology Extended Certificate, Maths & Psychology A Level's
Career Goal: Working in the Police

I chose to study at Long Road because when I came to the open evening I felt welcome and the environment felt right to me. I spoke to lots of the students at the different subject stalls and everyone was very friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. I knew for a long time that I was interested in applying to Long Road, and they have got the courses that I wanted to study. I chose to apply to the Scholar award because I was confident that I would achieve the grades required for the opportunity and I knew that I would use the money to go towards useful things to improve my college education. I intend on using the money to go towards school supplies throughout the year and hopefully to buy a device that I can use to make it easier to complete my college work. I may also use some of the money to go towards travel to college. 

Year 11s should apply to Long Road because it is an inclusive, friendly college with lots of opportunities and plenty of support for anything you may need help with. The courses are made to be engaging and interesting whilst also challenging you. They should also apply for the Scholars Award because it is a huge opportunity, everyone has got the chance, and it is definitely worth applying to it as it may even push you to work harder to achieve the grades required.

So far, my favourite thing about being a Long Road student is the we are treated in college, we are treated like equals by the teachers and are given the respect that everyone deserves, with appropriate discipline of course. I also really like being able to be around new people and make new friends.



Secondary School: Coleridge Community College
Studies: Criminology Extended Certificate, Art & Psychology A Level's
Career Goal: Succeed in my A-Levels and work towards going to university

I have chosen to study at Long Road for several reasons; the art department here is really successful and as an art student it gives room for more creativity and support from the art teachers and access to different mediums to experiment with for my course. The next reason is because of the options that I have chosen, Criminology is a very independent course which many colleges do not have, and so having a large choice of options here makes it easy to decide on what subjects fitted me the best. Finally, the college itself is very welcoming, the teachers are supportive, and the students are all friendly so even when I'm in a room of people I don’t know, I feel as if I can talk freely and easily make friends.

I have applied for the Scholars Award because I feel I can be a good representative of the school, knowing I have previously been representative of my secondary school in multiple areas, and that I do not hesitate to speak out, meaning that I will happily aim for the school to be improved if need be.

As an art student, I will be spending most of the money on art supplies to ensure that I can use and experiment as much as possible within my course in and out of school. Art supplies such as sketchbooks, paintbrushes, and potentially a digital drawing pad to develop my digital art skills.

I would tell many years 11’s to come to Long Road as it is a pleasant school to be in, there are many places to go, there are many things to study and there are many people that you can meet.

To apply for the Scholars Award, you must be dedicated at your GCSE stage through to you’re A-Levels; if you believe that you are capable of reaching the best grades you can in the final exams and are willing to put in the effort of staying in school and coming in over summer half-terms, I believe that you could apply for the Scholarship.

So far, my favourite part of being a Long Road student is making friends with the people who do similar subjects, being able to talk to new people who you already have something in common with is very stress-relieving when you want to introduce yourself to people. Additionally, my Art course has been very experimental, and I am quite enjoying doing completely new processes from GCSE Art.



Secondary School: Swavesey Village College
Studies: Maths, Further Maths, Politics & Physics A Level's
Career Goal: BEng Aerospace Engineering and then join the Armed Forces

I decided Long Road would be a suitable place for me to study for my A-levels as I saw it as a balanced environment given that you can reach your potential with a degree of independence whilst also enjoying the benefits of support provided by the various staff and teachers when needed as well as being able to break away from schoolwork for relatively decent periods. Long Road is also very flexible and can cater to your future goals as well as providing many enrichment activities.

So far, I would say that I enjoy the increasing technicality of the courses which makes me find them more interesting and enjoyable, especially Further Maths which I take great enthusiasm in; a course which I hesitated to take initially and only added on just before enrolment.

I would highly recommend that Year 11 students should apply here as it has a very large plethora of courses that can tailor your future progression as well as the fact that teachers are willing to help you when you require it. Also, there are people who can assist you in your steps towards university or any other levels of higher education.  In addition, the Long Road Scholar’s Award is an even better venture if you want another incentive to exceed in your GCSE’s, gaining funds which could help you at your time at Long Road or even after sixth form, and you can mention the scholars I intend on buying a new laptop with a portion of the award money and putting the rest into savings.





Secondary School: Stratton Upper School
Studies: French, Media & Psychology A Level's
Career Goal: Gap year, then studying Psychology at Uni

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student is all the friends I have made and the very welcoming atmosphere of the college. Also, all the teachers are very supportive and will always be happy to help with any problems we have. 

My advice to year 1 students would be to use all the resources and opportunities that the college provide, especially the UCAS workshops as I found these really helpful, and they have made my application process a lot less stressful! 

I am planning to spend my scholarship money on travelling to France next year which will be an amazing experience and a great opportunity to practice speaking French for my exams. 

To work towards my progression and career goals, I have visited many university open days this year which have been very insightful into university life, and they have helped me to decide what I want to study. I have also used some great resources recommended to us to help me write my personal statement. 



Secondary School: Sancton Wood
Studies: English Literature, History & Photography A Level's
Career Goal: Journalist / Magazine editor

I chose to study at Long Road due to the very welcoming atmosphere, where I felt valued as a young adult. I immediately felt comfortable and believed that the school truly cared for my passions and interests and would support me in my aspirations for the future. I chose to apply for the Scholars Award as I thought it would be a good opportunity to push myself further in my education and challenge myself to achieve the best that I can. I wanted to have something to strive for when studying for my GCSES, and it all paid off! I plan on spending my scholarship money on a digital camera to help develop my project in Photography A Level and to require the necessary skills for it!

I would encourage Year 11s to apply to Long Road due to the friendly environment and freedom there is, along with the immense support from teachers who treat you like an adult. You feel very comfortable inside and outside the classroom, and making friends is no problem. I would definitely apply for the Scholars Award if you are in Year 11 as it gives you something to aim for when revising, ultimately giving you more motivation. It also opens many opportunities in your education, and the money you receive can be used to further this too.

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student so far would have to be the independence and trust that the teachers have in you as you are treated like a young adult rather than a child.  It is also much more enjoyable doing the subjects that you love and want to do which also makes the future much clearer.





Secondary School: The Highfield School
Studies: English Literature, French & Psychology A Level's
Career Goal: Study Law at university 

I chose to study at Long Road because I felt that the college provided a wide range of opportunities to enrich my experience as a student both inside and outside my education. I also found the independent approach to learning very appealing as I thought I would enjoy the flexibility this would provide, also perhaps preparing me for the step between school and university.

The Scholar Award seemed like the perfect opportunity to help me make the most of my courses whilst allowing me to give back to the college community. I plan to spend the scholarship money on textbooks for all three of my subjects as well as putting some towards a trip to France which will hopefully allow me to further develop my understanding of the French language and culture.

I would highly encourage any year 11s who are considering applying to Long Road as well as the Scholar Award to go for it! The college is highly supportive, and the learning environment is perfect for allowing you to excel in your subjects. Applying for the award will further push you to excellence by facilitating any additional study opportunities or the purchase of resources.

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student so far has definitely been the feeling of independence I’ve gained – the structure of the timetable allows me to manage my own learning in a way that best suits me and I have found this to be beneficial to my studies.



Secondary School: Bottisham Village College
Studies: French, History & Sociology A Level's
Career Goal: Degree in History

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student is the support given by all the staff and the facilities provided by the college. All the staff are willing to help you with any areas of your studies and the college offers a range of options to hang out or study in both inside and outside.

My advice to year 1 Long Road Students would be use your free periods to make sure you understand class content as well as to complete homework. Using plus times can also be useful if you are struggling with your classwork and are a good way to get help and feedback from teachers. Overall though, just enjoy the college experience.

I have spent my scholarship money on a new laptop to use not only for my college work but also in my free time.  I am currently applying to university to do a degree in History.





Secondary School: King James Academy Royston
Studies: Business, Economics & PE A Level's
Career Goal: Start an apprenticeship or study a degree linked to business

I chose to study at Long Road because of friends that currently or previously attended the college, they supplied me first-hand information about their experiences with the school and that helped me conclude that Long Road would be the best next step. From my peers experiences, many people said that the school had a welcoming atmosphere where you are treated with maturity, but there would still be many sources for support if needed and I would completely agree.

Before applying to Long Road, I had no knowledge about the Scholars Award and only discovered it after receiving an email. I felt it was excellent opportunity I shouldn’t let pass because it would enable me to positively impact the school, in addition to meeting new people. Lastly, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to develop and learn new skills that future employers and universities would look out for. Currently, I think I will put the money into my savings account which might be put towards a car or driving lessons.

Year 11s should apply to Long Road because off the variety of course available to study and the exceptional teachers that help you in reaching your potential. In addition, the school also has a warm and welcoming, positive environment which allows you to become more independent which is essential for life after the college, however there is still a range of support available whenever you require it. Whether it’s academically or for your well-being the school always aims in supporting you. The student scholars award is an excellent way to directly impact the school and to have a voice. Additionally, there are so many benefits for example the chance to meet new people as well as building on many skills like teamwork and many more. It would be a great achievement to include on a personal statement for universities, or on a CV for future employers to help stand out and highlight your ability. Finally, you have complete control on how you spend the money you receive, and it’s a very good way to stay motivated for your exams.

So far, my favourite thing about Long Road is the atmosphere because it has pushed me out of my comfort zone in multiple ways. For example, becoming more independent and responsible for my academic work but also meeting and interacting with new people.



Secondary School: Bourne Grammer
Studies: DT, Maths & Physics A Level's
Career Goal: Architecture / Design

I chose to study a Long Road as going to a Sixth form college allowed me to have more freedom with my education and I got to do Design Technology in a way my old school did not offer. I chose to apply to the Scholars Award because I was predicted the required grades to apply, and I thought it would be a nice way to be more connected with the college. As of right now I’m not sure how I will spend the money, but maybe I will spend part of it on school supplies and save the rest.

Long Road is a very different experience to most secondary schools, and it’s good to be able to experience new things and meet new people all while learning brand-new things in your courses. If you can apply for the Scholars Award, I think you should apply because you have nothing to lose and if you get it there are lots of benefits including helping improve the student experience with your voice.

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student is joining the women’s basketball team through this I have met great people and got to participate in a basketball tournament.




Secondary School: Melbourn Village College
Studies: Biology & Psychology A Level's & Criminology Extended Certificate
Career Goal: Gap year then university study

I really love the campus at Long Road with all of the outdoor places to spend time and the beautiful woodlands around the site. I have also really enjoyed the Biology course.

My advice to Year 1 students is to try and talk to as many people as possible and be friendly! Don’t worry if you haven’t made loads of friends straight away as you will meet more people throughout the two years.  

I am planning on putting my Scholar’s award money towards travelling in my gap year. I am currently in the process of applying to university and starting to think about what I want to do in my gap year. 



Secondary School: Bottisham Village College
Studies: Geography, Physics & Sociology A Level's
Career Goal: University study 

I wanted to study at Long Road for the great community it has, with teachers and students coalescing in a single body. The facilities the college have are also great; with many practicals in my Physics class, being able to carry these out with good equipment makes the experience so much better. The social aspect of the college, with areas like the Quad and the LRC makes it easy to meet and talk to new people.

I chose to apply for the Scholars Award because I wanted to share my experiences of the college with future students, to let them know prior to joining how it is and how it felt for me. I want to spend my money on new computer parts; I want to learn video editing as a hobby, but the current system I have isn’t capable for the high quality I want to produce.

My favourite thing about Long Road so far is for sure the new people I have met, broadening social circles has made the transfer to the college so much simpler. The friends I have already formed I have no doubt I will know for the rest of my life.



Secondary School: Netherhall School
Studies: Biology, Chemistry & Psychology A Level's
Career Goal: Become a Healthcare Assistant then do a degree in Medicine

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student has to be the independence we have. Teachers give you guidance but at the end of the day you need to want to do the work and I feel like that is preparing me for what university life will be like.

My advice to the new Year1's is revise content as you go along, but make sure you are taking breaks because you can get burnt out very easily, so save all the energy for the jump to Year 2 workload and schedules. Remember to have fun, these are the last few years we have as teenagers so make it memorable.

So far I have saved and plan to save my scholarship money as I'm sure it will come in use when I'm a uni student. I am currently working towards by progression goals by I am paying attention and doing the work in lessons because at the end of the day, doing well at A-Level should be the number one priority. But I'm also researching pathways into Medicine and talking to doctors as well as attending events and workshops to see what life as a doctor is like.



Secondary School: Swavesey Village College
Studies: Biology, Chemistry & Geography A Level's
Career Goal: Study Biomedical Science or Medicine

I chose to study at Long Road because I believed that Long Road would have given me the best balance between the pressure in class to exceed and independent learning to be able to succeed at my subjects. I applied for the Scholars Award because I would like to continue my education at university at a high level and to be able to stand out and be chosen. I will need to apply to services that will help and the school to give me the best personal statement. The scholarship money will be saved and hopefully be used to help pay for one of the DofE expeditions.

My favourite thing about Long Road is the freedom between periods to be able to do what you want (e.g stopping in town or going home), for example on Tuesdays I finish at 12:30, and I just go home, on the other hand it gives me plenty of time to revise for exams/mocks. If you want a friendly and diverse community with amazing teachers this is the place to go.




Secondary School: Soham Village College
Studies: Biology, Chemistry & Physics A Level's
Career Goal: University study 

My favourite thing about being a Long Road students Is the sense of community and networking in the college. Just from interacting in lessons and participating in extracurricular activities I have gotten to know so many people!

My advice to year one students: listen to your teachers, they know what they are doing.

With my scholar’s money I am putting it straight into saving account (boring I know) as I will be leaving for university after I finish my college courses. To work towards my goal of being a good student I have been attending university talk session and having 1 on 1’s with my teachers.