Our Mission. Our Vision. Our Values.

Over the summer we have carefully considered all of your feedback and are happy to announce our refreshed mission (the reason we are here), vision (the principles that guide our work) and values! Thank you to all the students, staff, governors, parents and carers who shared their thoughts and opinions to help guide and shape our future college community. 

Our Mission.

To empower every student to fulfil their unique potential.

Our Vision. 

We strive to be an inspirational, supportive, and inclusive learning community that fosters creativity and independence, equipping every student to enjoy an enriching life and to make a positive difference in the world.


Our Values

  • Always Learning: We are a collaborative teaching and learning community that encourages each other to innovate, persevere and grow. 
  • Diversity in people and ideas: We are at our best when we can be ourselves in a safe, supportive environment where everyone is valued, and different perspectives are welcome.
  • Empathy: We treat each other with kindness and respect, taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Integrity: We keep our commitments and are honest, fair and trustworthy.
  • Sustainability: We act to reduce our direct environmental impact and to create a sustainable future for everyone.