The Student Commission on Racial Justice 2021-2022 Survey Launch

The Student Commission on Racial Justice 2021-2022 provides a powerful platform where thousands of young people across the country are given a collective voice on racial justice in England.

This national, student-led project was initially launched in November 2020 in response to the global Black Lives Matters movement. In 2021, the Student Commission on Racial Justice reached over 3000 young adults to ask their opinions and experiences of racial injustice in our society. In June 2021, the Commission published their first report, “Young People’s Voices on Racial Justice”. At the launch Commissioners presented their research findings and recommendations for action to over 150 influential policy and decision makers in the areas of education, employment, health, policing and justice. To view the full report please visit: Young People’s Voices on Racial Justice.

To continue this essential work, Leaders Unlocked has partnered with 11 colleges up and down the country and recruited 40 of their students who are passionate about striving for racial justice in England.

The partnering colleges are:

  • Barnsley College
  • The Bedford College Group
  • Birmingham Metropolitan College
  • City College Norwich
  • DN Colleges Group
  • Kirklees College
  • Leyton Sixth Form College
  • London South East Colleges
  • Long Road Sixth Form College
  • New City College
  • The Sheffield College

The Student Commission will give young adults a platform to tackle racial injustice in England. To gather the voices and experiences of thousands of other young people the Commission will launch on online survey in February 2022. 

Leaders Unlocked is a social enterprise that works across the societal areas of education, employment, health, policing and justice to help organisations involve the people who matter and shape decision-making for the better.

For more information about the Student Commission on Racial Justice 2021-2022, please contact Project Director Alev:

“Being in an environment where people can share their opinions with one another was really what drew me to get involved in the project. I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I knew it was really going to challenge my confidence and my creative skills. My personal highlight of the whole project was working on the animation with the commissioners, Mike (the animator) and the commission leaders. This was my personal highlight because I have never worked on making an animation that was going to go out to people and how much thought, time and effort that went into it was amazing. It was super fun and creative and the result was definitely rewarding.”

Grace, Student Commissioner – Birmingham Metropolitan College

I wanted to get involved in the Student Commission on Racial Justice to learn and make a positive change. We all know everyone in the world is different so I always wondered why racism still exists. I joined the commission to find answers as I believe everyone should be happy and free to be and go anywhere and everywhere without racist words, actions or violence being used against them. When doing this project, I was finally able to learn how to love myself as well as everyone else. This project has taught me to be proud and loud on the subject of racial equality and I can say finally, after many years, I can use my knowledge and personal experiences to help EVERYONE around me. ”

Jade, Student Commissioner – London South East Colleges