Culture Day 2024

We had a lively start to the month of May thanks to Culture Day 2024!

Organised by students Mehrin Ambia, Kundai Mbudaya, Haddy Bojang, and Izzy Sabin, with support from the Cultural Society, the event celebrated the diversity and inclusivity of our college community.

The day kicked off with students bringing in home-made cultural food which was shared at break-time and enjoyed by all; a range of dishes included Jollof, Samosa's and Spring Rolls.  Throughout the day, an art exhibition showcased various items contributed by students and staff, adding to the cultural vibe. Students also turned themselves into pieces of artwork, with face painting of world flags and beautiful henna designs expertly applied.

Into the afternoon, many students and staff took advantage of our visiting food trucks, Manna Seoul and The Grill Plug, who served up tasty treats, whilst a 'world-cup' football tournament entertained the crowd. Students also pitched in for charity, buying sweets and popcorn as they watched, to raise £52.64 for ShareTheMeal, a charity providing meals to those in need across the globe.

The day ended with a runway show featuring 49 students representing 20 different countries and cultural dances, leaving us all in high spirits as we headed home.

Culture Day 2024 was a hit, bringing the staff and students together and spreading a positive vibe throughout the college community. Thank you so much to our student organisers and everyone who got involved. We can't wait for Culture Day 2025!