Politics students welcome Shadow Cabinet member, Daniel Zeichner MP

On Friday 15th March, the Politics department was pleased to welcome Shadow Cabinet member and Labour MP for Cambridge Daniel Zeichner to speak to students at our second town hall meeting of 2024. 

After discussing his background prior to Westminster and his time so far as an MP, Daniel then took questions from his audience. First year Politics student Volodymyr Beskid asked why he joined the Labour Party and whether or not he ever held ambitions to be Prime Minister, whilst second year student Bailey Mortimer wanted to know what his views were on Michael Gove’s 2040 plans for Cambridge as part of the government’s ‘levelling’ up agenda.

First year students Izzy Hewlett and Lennon Wing quizzed Daniel on his views on the current Labour leadership and on the role of whips in Parliament, whilst he was also asked for his views on the House of Lords by Onyx Parker, another first year student. These questions and the discussions that followed highlight the importance of these visits for the students as they relate to topics covered on the A level as well as contributing to the wider political literacy of the students at college. With most questions, Daniel often flipped the answer back to the students with a genuine interest in their opinions even when they were in disagreement. Unsurprisingly, the current situation in Gaza also emerged in a question posed by second year Cassam Nyundo giving Daniel a chance to discuss his feelings on the recent proposed opposition day events, including the Labour amendment that was passed by the House of Commons. First year Abbie Woollard also asked how Labour would aid the housing crisis faced by many people, and second year Amber Britchford was keen to ask what ‘change’ would actually mean in the event of a Labour victory in the next general election.

This is the second time this year that Daniel has spoken to our students, having met us down at Westminster Hall back in January, and we are very grateful for his time as well as for his openness in answering the questions put to him.