Anthony Browne MP discusses new ministerial brief with Politics students

On Friday 8th March, we had the pleasure of hosting the Minister for Decarbonisation and Technology and MP for South Cambridgeshire, Anthony Browne.

 After informing our students about his life and career prior to being elected to Westminster, Anthony discussed his new ministerial brief which includes responsibility for such important measures as the rollout of electric vehicles, self-driving cars and sustainable aviation. For the benefit of our students studying the A level, he was also kind enough to explain that he considers himself a liberal conservative in terms of economics and in relation to social issues.

Anthony then took questions from the students and was asked how he proritises his correspondence and caseloads as an MP to which he responded that he receives around 300 emails a day. Students then asked his views on the government’s approaches to the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, whether or not the UK will need to outsource space exploration, what the main benefits of Brexit are for young people, and what his favourite part of his job is? In response to this, Anthony explained his pride at his office having helped to settle displaced Ukrainian families in the constituency as a particular highpoint.

As well as being asked about his own educational background that led to a discussion on the academic profiles of British Prime Ministers, Anthony was also probed on whether Israel's response to the attacks on 7th October was justified and whether he would accept a life peerage if one were to be offered. Anthony was also asked what his toughest decision has been, to which he responded that this was his recent choice to stand in the newly created constituency of St Neots and Mid-Cambridgeshire for the upcoming election rather than the South Cambridgeshire seat he has represented since 2019.

It was crucial to see Anthony engage so well with our students and answer their variety of questions, especially in an election year. Many thanks to both Anthony and his staff for helping to organise this town hall with our cohort.