Politics students continue virtual exchange with Troy High School, Michigan!

Back in November a second group of A-level Politics students had the opportunity to take part in a live meet-up with their counterparts from the AP Government classes from Troy High School in Michigan, United States.

What was originally planned as a 45-minute meet-up became a 90-minute session including two different groups of Troy students as the groups discussed stereotypes of one another’s cultures and countries as well as questions on study programmes, daily life and political systems. Of specific relevance and interest was the exchange on the cost of higher education for young people in both the UK and USA and how this might drive future plans. 

As our previous meeting had also displayed, the students had no problems talking to each other and were able to have some interesting discussions on

The students taking part were first years Alex Holt, Lily Waterfield, Lennon Wing, Sarah Cummings, Erin Taylor alongside second year Lorenzo Reserva. The Troy students were Lucas, Josh, Nick, Grace, Alexa, John, Blessing, Sophia and Matthew. Between the two main groups, some additional Troy students were also able to say hi and ask questions about the monarchy and the UK education system.

As previously, these meetings are so valuable for our students, as there is no substitute for hearing from another young person living in the country you are studying. It is vital for our Politics students to understand the culture of the USA in order that they can appreciate the context of the American political system.

Many thanks to the Politics teacher, Ryan Werenka and the students of Troy High School for another excellent meet-up, and we are already looking forward to the next one!