Long Road Scholars 2023/24

Last week we held our first meeting with our new Long Road Scholars - congratulations to them all on accepting their place on the scholarship programme. We were so excited about meeting them and are very proud to announce them to you today! 







Secondary School: Soham Village College
Studying: Biology, Chemistry, Maths & Further Maths                             A Level
Progression Goals: Research Scientist

I chose to study at Long Road as I liked the opportunity to learn as an individual but with the support of the tutors. I felt that this approach would support me in achieving the grades I need for the degree I would like to study. I also liked the social areas at the college and the student events and felt this would allow me to have a balance of strong academic teaching with the social side of sixth form and build a strong friendship group. Also, the pastoral support showcased at the open evenings really appealed to me, as a nervous year 11 with worries of Sixth Form, commuting, and change to a larger college. The support reassured me that it would be alright, and if there were any worries, there was a support network I could go to.

I chose to apply for the Scholars Award because it presented me with a fantastic opportunity to promote my college, inform other students of the opportunities available, whilst improving my non-academic skills. Also, I knew that representing my college in this way would look great on future applications to universities and give me a way to stand out from other applicants, as it shows I am a dedicated and hard-working individual. I plan on spending some of my money on resources, such as textbooks needed for my subjects and subscriptions to revision websites that I have found useful to help me maintain an excellent standard of learning and revision. I also plan to save some of the money and use it after A-levels to travel around the world and broaden my knowledge of other cultures.

I would encourage current Year 11s to apply to Long Road as the college provides a sense of freedom and encouragement of all types of students, whilst still ensuring that we are all getting the most out of the opportunities provided. It also allows us to have a handle on our own learning whilst still having that navigation provided by teachers that I found was essential to succeeding at GCSE’s. Furthermore, the college has an amazing support network that is open to all students. I found this was really important when moving from Secondary to Sixth Form as it feels as if you’re not completely thrown into the world with no guidance. I would encourage Year 11s to apply for the Scholars Award because it will look amazing on applications used after Sixth Form as it shows that you as an individual are driven. Also, it doesn’t take that long to fill out the application! Why would you pass up the opportunity to be one-step ahead for the future?

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student so far is that everybody is extremely nice. This has made the experience brilliant so far as it has made it so easy to make new friends and broaden your social circle. Also, the teachers are completely understanding of when you don’t understand the material, helping to reassure Year 1 students as it doesn’t feel as if you’re falling behind at all, that maybe you just need the content explained in a different way so that you can understand it.




Secondary School: Soham Village College
Studying: Computing Applied Extended Certificate,
                 DT & Maths A Levels
Progression Goals: Do as well as possible in my A Levels,                                    then potentially a Degree Apprenticeship

I chose to study at Long Road because I had only heard good things about the college. Many former students I spoke to told me that the education Long Road provides is very engaging and enriching. Also, the support that Long Road offers to their students is unmatched by other colleges I was considering; the college really seemed like a positive place to be, even before I attended properly! These two factors made me really want to come to Long Road.

I chose to apply for the Scholars’ Award because I felt that it would be extra motivation and drive for me to work harder and achieve the grades I wanted at GCSE. In addition, I thought it would be an enriching experience to be a bigger part of the college, and to get involved more as a student. I plan to save most of it, while keeping some aside for gifts for friends and family around the Christmas period.

I would emphasise to any Year 11s thinking of applying to Long Road how positive and welcoming the college is, and how helpful and encouraging the people who surround you are. I would also make sure they knew that the teachers are all extremely passionate about their subjects and always want the absolute best for their students. I think the Scholars’ Award is incredibly enticing for any upcoming Long Road student. The fact that it encourages you to work hard for your GCSEs, but also offers further opportunities to make a positive contribution to college life means it is a very worthwhile award to apply for.

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student so far is definitely the great support I have been provided with. Both the teachers and the support staff are incredibly helpful and have made my transition from secondary school to sixth form so much easier.



​​​​​Secondary School: The Netherhall School
Studying: Maths, Photography & Sociology A Levels
Progression Goals: Study a degree in Law

Long Road was my first option when considering sixth forms. Although I also received offers from other colleges, I chose to study at Long Road because apart from both offering my preferred subjects, I felt Long Road had a nicer environment and was better suited to my personality. I came across the Scholars Award whilst looking at the prospectus. I was eager to apply because I thought it would be a nice way to contribute more to college life and the community. I also felt it would be good motivation and a nice reward after studying for GCSEs. I plan on using my scholarship for educational trips and saving any left over for university fees.

I would encourage Year 11s to apply to Long Road because as well as the amazing support from teachers, other students and members of staff, there are so many opportunities that help enhance your college experience. Long Road has also given me more independence and freedom, helping you to fill the gap between secondary school and your next steps. I would definitely encourage Year 11 students to apply for the Scholars Award since it is such a great opportunity and it may also push you that little bit further to study for your GCSEs.

Choosing my favourite thing about Long Road so far is so difficult but already Long Road has opened so many doors and opportunities that I would not have had the chance to experience. In addition another favourite of mine has been the community. All students and staff have been so welcoming and supportive to my journey so far.



Secondary School: Smith's Hill High School, Australia
Studying: Drama English Literature & History A Levels
Progression Goals: University, then a career as a Barrister

When looking at my options for schools and visiting Long Road, I was struck by the truly lovely and holistic nature and atmosphere here. A positive and communal school environment has always been just as important to me as the academic opportunities offered, and Long Road encapsulated that for me. I’m really passionate about being an active part of our community, and the Scholars Award seemed like a great way to facilitate that. Also, I knew that a Scholars Award would make it possible for me to go further than just my studies in the classroom and delve deeper into my passions. I hope to spend part of my award on a membership to the British Museum, and put the rest towards tickets to live theatre, as well as train tickets to London to access these opportunities. 

For any Year 11s, I’d say that Long Road is an environment which not only encourages and enables you to seek academic success and excellence, but also supports you in becoming an independent young adult, whatever path in life you choose to take. If you’re considering applying for the Scholars Award, I’d urge you to go for it! There’s nothing to lose in applying, and it can be a really great motivator to put in that extra bit of effort in your exams, as well as the perfect way to enrich your time at Long Road. 

So far, my favourite part of studying at Long Road has been the campus itself and its green spaces. There are so many beautiful spots scattered around to sit and chat or get some work done during the day. 



Secondary School: Soham Village College
Studying: Biology & Film Studies A Levels, Media Studies                     Extended Certificate
Progression Goal: Work in the film/TV industry in a                                              directing or cinematography role

I chose the study at Long Road because it felt like a good fit for me to follow my passions. I also felt that Long Road had the friendliest environment of all the colleges that I visited before applying. I also found the green spaces and facilities in the college impressive and very appealing. 

I applied for the scholar's award because I saw it as a good way to contribute to the college and connect with its community. It will also be a good way for me to push myself and provide me with life experience to apply for further education or jobs in the future. I plan on saving my scholarship money to help pay for filming equipment both for my coursework and myself in the future.

For current Year 11s considering colleges, I would highly recommend Long Road. While the transition from secondary school to sixth form can be intimidating, Long Road has provided a supportive and welcoming environment. I feel that I am allowed to be independent and take control of my own learning while being supported by the numerous networks across college. I would encourage Year 11s to apply for the scholar’s award because it is a great way to connect with the college as well as your peers. It can help you get more involved in college life and is a great factor on UCAS applications and CVs.

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student so far is the freedom and independence that I am allowed. Students are treated like young adults and expected to behave as such, and I feel that this has helped me take control of my own education and how I use my time to be productive.





Secondary School: Bassingbourn Village College
Studying: DT, Maths, Further Maths & Physics A Levels
Progression Goal: Career in Design

As I want to pursue a career in design, I choose to study at Long Road because of the great Design Technology course they have. At the open evening, Owen (my current DT teacher) was really inspiring. I chose to apply for the Scholars Award as it will allow me to help others with their future steps ahead. I plan on spending my money on a laptop that helps me with my studies, in particular one with a touch screen to help with my design work. 

Year 11s should apply to Long Road because it is a warm and welcoming environment where I have made so many new friends. You should apply for the Scholars Award because the financial reward can give you the opportunity to buy new equipment and work with other scholars on projects for the college. 




​​​​Secondary School: Bottisham Village College
Studying: Fine Art, Geography & Maths A Levels
Progression Goals: To study Architecture at university 

When I was visiting Long Road, the thing that stuck out to me compared to other sixth forms was the art department. I love how creative and expressive the area is, and how bright the whole school is in general, both physically and within the atmosphere of the college. Furthermore, the teachers and staff are extremely kind and supportive, not only with academics and class work, but mental health and well-being too.

I heard about the Scholars on the open day, and after talking about it with a member of staff, thought I might be a good fit. I thought it would look amazing on personal statements and applications in the future, and the money would be extremely useful going into new stages in life. In addition, contributing to the college and community will help me develop new skills and build my confidence. I think I’ll put the scholarship money towards driving lessons and buying a car next year, once I’ve turned 17, as it’s a big milestone and something I am really looking forward to.

Long Road Sixth Form College is an amazing school to start you’re a-level journey. Everyone is really supportive and accommodating, both teachers and older students alike. The college provides an extremely welcoming environment and an opportunity to make new friends whilst also thriving both academically and creatively. The Scholars Award is both free and easy to apply for, so there is really nothing to lose. It’s great motivation for working hard towards your GCSE’s, so if you think you can achieve the grades, applying for the award should be a no-brainer. 

My favourite part of long road so far has been the people, as I have met so many wonderful students with the same interests as me, as well as the teacher’s, who are clearly passionate about what they’re teaching. It’s so much easier to be engaged and interested in your classes when the people around you are too.



Secondary School: Mander Portman Woodward
Studying: Physics & Further Maths A Level
Progression Goals: Medicine

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student? I love the peaceful atmosphere that is provided and the autonomy given by the teachers, allowing me to have self-initiated learning in my subject.  

My advice to Year 1 students is to know what academic or career goals you want to pursue at the start of Year 1 so that you have more time later on for extra-curricular activities to boost your applications. I am currently working towards my career goals by preparing for interviews by doing additional reading and reviewing my personal statement, along with revising my A Level material.  

I plan on saving my scholarship money... and probably spend some on video games! 



Secondary School: The Highfield School
Studying: Biology, Chemistry & Maths A Level
Progression Goals: Medicine

My favourite thing about a Long Road student is definitely freedom. I like the open campus and I like the relationships that I’ve formed with my teachers. It’s a more mature environment than secondary school, and we’re treated like adults.

My advice for year 1 students is firstly to enjoy it, make lots of friends, and don’t get on the bad side of your teachers. Also, take key assessments seriously, they make up your predicted grades!

I am working towards my progression goals by doing a lot of studying. Med Squad is a huge help. I highly recommend it to any Year 1 students considering studying medicine at Uni. I’m spending the scholarship money on transport to college. Last year I used some of it to get an iPad for school.



Secondary School: Impington Village College
Studying: Biology, DT & Geography A Levels
Progression Goals: Degree in human geography

My favourite thing about Long Road is the open and welcoming community, because of our large student population, there are many people that are in the same position as you with similar hobbies and passions. Everyone is very accepting, making the college very welcoming.

My advice to the new Year 1 students is to get stuck in and keep on top of your studies and to embrace the opportunities that your time at sixth form gives you.

This year I am working hard to getting the best possible predicted grades, attending lots of university open days to get a feeling of where I want to go next. Using UCAS trips to visit lots of universities in one go. I'm saving my Scholar Award money for a nice holiday after my A Level exams are finished! 



Secondary School: Impington Village College
Studying: Art, English Literature and Language &                                   Psychology A Levels
Progression Goals: Higher education or a creative career

My favourite thing about Long Road is the freedom and the people. It’s been amazing to get to know so many new wonderful people and create some great friendships and memories with them. Alongside this, the timetable, general atmosphere and how things work at Long Road really helps develop new skills and independence, from transport to presentations and organisation. I’ve developed plenty of useful tools that will help me past sixth-form.

My advice to new students is try not to stress too much, take your time and enjoy your subjects. Two years may seem short, but it’s plenty of time, and you will be able to get everything done! Definitely, do not be afraid to ask other students or teachers if you have questions or worries, everyone is very friendly and willing to help and there are loads of useful resources too. Also, take opportunities and try new things while you are here. When you start looking for what to do after sixth-form, having ideas for possible pathways or jobs, you can be really useful as you might find an interest in something you didn’t previously take notice of!

I’m definitely saving my scholarship money for the moment, I will probably try to use it for something like university, lessons or trips. Either that or art resources as it would be great to use it for trying new mediums that could help with my portfolios or future work. Looking to the future, I'm trying lots of different things, work experience and research! There are a lot of opportunities out there so looking and trying different things help narrow options down to find a pathway right for me in both my hobbies and education. 



Secondary School: St Mary's, Cambridge
Studying: English Literature, Film Studies & Media A Levels
Progression Goals: Study filmmaking at University

As a year 2, I feel like I’ve been able to develop my independent learning skills over the past year whilst still feeling supported, so that I currently feel in a really confident position to progress to university next year. I love that Long Road focusses on cultivating our skills beyond only our grades. The very friendly atmosphere gives everyone a space to progress and thrive!

To the new year one students, I would recommend really taking advantage of a lot of the resources available from the beginning, as well as making sure to plan ahead with what you want to do after college - having a clear idea will take a lot of the burden off as the workload starts to increase!

I’ll probably use my scholarship money on travel (boring I know) but also on more creative projects so that I can expand my portfolio and improve my practical skills. This, as well as opportunities given to me such as visiting large movie studios and talking to industry leaders will hopefully make me stand out to employers and get my career moving!



Secondary School: Cromwell Community College
Studying: English Language and Literature, History &                             Sociology A Levels
Progression Goals: Career in Law

My relationships with my teachers is by far my favourite thing about attending Long Road. I have never once felt judged, and there has always been somebody there when I needed assistance with work, any general questions or mental health support. I look forwards to my lessons every day and strive to repay my teachers for the effort they put into me.

My advice for Year 1 students is take advantage of every opportunity placed at you because there will be plenty. Opportunities can come forwards through interacting with teachers personally, taking part in different clubs or groups to help advance the college, or paying attention to the Friday newsletters. Because of this, I have been able to visit the Auschwitz memorial in Poland for free, participate in creative writing competitions and give presentations to prospective students: the possibilities are endless, so keep a look-out!

I intend to split the money I receive in half. One experience I feel I have largely missed out on during my A levels was attending a festival, and so as a celebration after I finish my A Levels, I intend to buy tickets to Broadmasters with friends from my A Level History class. Paired with this, I intend to place the rest towards my savings for a new iPad in preparation for attending university, so I can take paperless notes throughout my time studying further. After my exams I intend to take a gap year to travel and gain greater work experience, where I will progress into taking a conversion course in Law for 1 year. Working now involves much further than just school-work, but also a lot of work researching future prospects available to me.



Secondary School: Cromwell Community College
Studying: History & Sociology A Levels and
                 Criminology Applied Extended Certificate

My favourite thing about being a student at long road is the flexibility. I like being able to organise when I work and have more control over my studies during my free time. This also means that I have more freedom in the way I conduct myself, so I can find extra time to pursue my hobbies too. 

My advice to new students is to keep an open mind. College is a new experience, and it can be daunting - but talking to people, trying new things, and investing time and energy into your subjects will really pay off. If you're interested in your subjects and you show that passion in your learning, college will be easy. 

I'm hopefully planning on spending my scholar money towards some supplies for university, such as a new laptop. 

I'm working towards my career goals by keeping an eye on volunteering opportunities near me and taking time to consider what I need to do and plan to achieve my goals. 



Secondary School: Ely College
Studying: Criminology & Psychology Applied Extended                         Certificates and Sociology A Level

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student is the vast range of student support services, ranging from drop-in sessions and online services to a counselling service. This means that no matter what issues you’re going through, such as exam stress or family problems, there are always resources around to help you. All of the staff at Long Road are also really welcoming and ready to help!

My advice for Year 1's is that even though the change from secondary to college is drastic, don’t let it overwhelm you and keep on top of everything you can. Don’t feel pressured to get everything right immediately, ease yourself into the college experience and have fun!

I’m saving my mney to spend on uni expenses such as rent, bills and necessities.



Secondary School: Swavesey Village College
Studying: Business, French & Politics A Levels
Progression Goals: I am planning on joining the army and                                     studying a degree with them.

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student is definitely being able to be a part of the community. Everyone is really kind and supportive and will try to help you out in any way they can.

My advice to the new students is to try and get organised as soon as you can. Prioritising revision and homework and coming up with a schedule that suits you early on will really help you tackle exams and take some of the pressure off a bit.

I am planning on putting my scholarship towards a new computer and I am working towards my progression goals by taking part in work experience to improve my CV.



​​​​​​​Secondary School: International School Pattaya
Studying: Biology, Chemistry & Psychology A Level
Progression Goals: Study Forensics at university

My favourite thing about being a long road student is the amount of freedom I have to complete work independently, and have my own college routine.

My advice to Year 1 students is to study in your free periods. It helps a lot when exams come up, and do a lot of pre-reading before lessons as it helps understand content in the lesson.

I spent a bit of my scholarship money last year on some books and textbooks that are related to my subjects so that I can read more beyond the course.



​​​​​​​Secondary School: Linton Village College
Studying: Maths & Psychology A Level and Criminology                         Applied Extended Certificate
Progression Goals: Degree Apprenticeship

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student is how easy it has been for me to fit it, the students are friendly and helped make it a lot easier to relax into it when I started in year 1. I would advise that as a new student you should be ready, A-levels are a big step up from GCSEs and you have to be organised and prepared, but you mustn’t give up.

In year 1 I used some of my money to go towards school supplies and the rest to go towards my psychology trip to Poland. I plan on saving the money from year 2 to put towards my future studies.

I am currently doing a lot of research into both degree apprenticeships and Universities to see what I think will be the best route for me.



​​​​​​​Secondary School: Coleridge Community College
Studying: Art & Psychology A Level and Criminology                             Applied Extended Certificate

I chose to study at Long Road for the supportive environment and its renowned art course, and I'm glad I did. The people that you meet here in and out of class are lovely despite how intimidating the start of year one is, and all three subjects I take I enjoy and have improved significantly due to our teachers.

My advice to the new year 1s is to take it easy for the first few months, enjoy making friends and getting used to the campus and classes, and especially the free time because second year will bring a lot more work to do. However as long as you stay on top of the workload then everything will go much smoother.

So far, the money has been used on art supplies and will most likely continue to go towards art as I continue to build my portfolio. Through the efforts I am putting into all of my subjects, I hope that when I come to apply to University, I have a range of options on what I am able to pursue.



​​​​​​​Secondary School: Swavesey Village College
Studying: Further Maths, Maths, Physics & Politics A Levels
Progression Goals: MSci in Natural Sciences or Mathematics and Physics Joint Honours then join the Armed Forces 

Being at Long Road has given me a good and stable foundation to start on as they have many avenues of support such as plus time where you can rectify certain gaps in knowledge or the many non-academic staff who can support you with your progression and mental health.  At the same time, the college has pushed me and made me go further than I once imagined before coming here as they typically advertise super-curricular and vocational opportunities which has lead me to attend a Cosmology lecture at Cambridge and do a week-long placement with the Whittle Laboratory. They also offer support groups for Russell group and Oxbridge universities as well as for apprenticeships and medicine; the first two which I have made great use of and have been able to do things like visit Selwyn College or get support on my UCAS personal statement.                                                                    

I think one of my favourite things so far at Long is being able to contribute to the college in many ways, especially as a Scholar such as engaging in focus groups or helping at the maths department during the open days. 

The advice I would give to Year 1 students is to be independent because support is there to help you, not do things for you and I also advice taking first year seriously as it can influence your UCAS teacher references and predicted grades; if you are doing well, do not become overconfident and complacent.  Also learn how to manage your time and do work as soon as possible to prevent backlogging.  At the same time, take it slow and easy because in second year the workload only increases.  Finally, I would say that you should give everything a go as through participating in many different opportunities, you may meet new people and have good experiences to reflect on and remember when you leave Long Road. 

The Scholars money I have received allowed me to procure a laptop for school and university use- the rest will be put into savings.  As of recent, I have been revising and studying for my A-Levels . I have also been to open days, attended webinars/seminars, done super curricular activities like reading around my subject and attending events.  



​​​​​​​Secondary School: Sancton Wood School
Studying: English Literature, History & Photography
                 A Levels
Progression Goals: Study History at university, then                                               eventually become a Magazine Editor

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student is the fun and friendly community here, which has helped me make lots of friends. 

My advice to the Year 1 students is to start looking at universities fairly soon, even just thinking about where you want to go, going to Open Days and thinking about what you want to do. It really helps to know in Year 2 and means you know what grades to aim for. 

I want to study History at university, so I have been attending extra lectures and talks to further my knowledge and interest in the subject, and to help amplify my personal statement. 

I am planning on using my scholarship money to buy a camera for my A Level Photography to help me take the best quality photos that I can.



​​​​​​​Secondary School: The Highfield School
Studying: French, English Literature & Psychology A Levels
Progression Goals: Study Law at university 

For me, the best thing about being a Long Road student is the flexible approach to learning. I’ve found that my independent learning time has been very useful for consolidating my understanding of the topics we’ve covered in class and has allowed me to work in ways that suit me best whilst also getting enough contact with teachers in my lessons to feel supported.

My advice to any new students joining Long Road would be to plan ahead! Whilst there is definitely a jump in the workload from secondary school to college it is easily manageable if you plan out a work schedule from the start. I would also recommend saying yes to as many opportunities as possible at the start of the year when you’ve got slightly less on your plate – getting involved in activities around the college is a great way to meet new people.

So far, I have mainly spent my scholarship money on equipment for college such as textbooks for my lessons, stationary etc.

I am working towards my progression goals by doing plenty of research about universities, UCAS and personal statements. This will enable me to be well-informed and well-prepared when applying for universities.



​​​​​​​Secondary School: King James Academy Royston
Studying: Business, Economics & PE A Levels
Progression Goals: Degree Apprenticeship

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student is the independence the school allows you to have because it has made me feel more prepared for life after college, whether that’s an apprenticeship or university.

My advice for year 1 students would be to use your free periods effectively, so that you're staying up to date with the content being taught in your lessons. It’s unrealistic that every free period will be spent revising but doing little amounts of revision frequently will make key assessments much easier.

So far, I've used the money to help pay for my car insurance and I think the rest will be put into my savings account, so I can decide what to spend it on in the future.  

To achieve my career goals, I am trying to be consistent with my revision by planning and setting small goals of what I would like to cover during the week. In addition, I have been using websites such as Uptree to view and stay up to date with career events, apprenticeships and work experience currently available. 



Secondary School: Bourne Grammar School
Studying: Maths, Physics & DT A Levels
Progression Goals: Architecture degree

My favourite thing about being a Long Road student has been being able to go to Denmark as part of the Turing scheme for free. It was a really unique experience being able to explore new places like Aarhus and Samsø, meet some new people and learn all about sustainability I had so much fun.

Also, I have really enjoyed being a part of the basketball team here. Everyone on the team is so nice and committed to improving, they have become great friends, and I couldn’t ask for a better team.

My advice for the new Year 1 is to appreciate the freedom you get but take it for granted learn time management so that you can save yourself unnecessary stress. Also, try new things join clubs, sports, school trips, whatever you like to make your long road experience memorable, because it goes really fast.

I so far have spent some of my money on textbooks for my courses but with the rest of my money, I am going to save and hopefully use it to travel or in university.



​​​​​​​Secondary School: Swavesey Village College
Studying: Biology, Chemistry & Geography A Levels
Progression Goals: University study or an Apprenitceship

My favourite thing about being a Long Road scholar is the plentiful opportunities to boost and allow my personal statement to stand out from the rest.

To new students, I would say don’t take year 1 lightly - you don’t have much time. If you fall behind, you will still feel the effects of that even in year 2.

I am working towards my progression goals by going to multiple Open Days and started research job opportunities at research companies on the genomics campus.