Student Governor Elections

Meet the candidates and cast your vote today! Voting closes 5pm, Monday 9 October 2023.

Good luck to all of our candidates.


Meet your candidates...


Ammie Anagwu

I am running for student governor because I want to make our college a more fun and welcoming place for everyone. I am committed to making sure that students have a voice in the decisions that are made about our college. I am open to new ideas and a big fan of fun activities, looking forward to bringing more fun to our college.

Kara Baptiste

Greetings, all students of Long Road! My name is Kara Baptiste. I am excited to hear that students of our College can be heard! I am an ambitious and insightful student, who would like the opportunity to create a positive impact within our College, through the role Student Governor. From leadership, I have taken positions similar to this in my lower years of education. My skills enable me to effectively demonstrate my commitment, serving the student body and the college community. The student voice is one primary factor of a thriving college. I believe safe, supportive environments are key. Students can bring forward concerns and desires to see improvement, bettering the education experience. Better resources and support for students with needs, fostering an inclusive college culture and promoting student well-being are all necessary additionally. Listening to fellow peers and collaboration with staff is beneficial for progress and the ultimate success of this college.

Theia Ball-Wells

If elected student governor, I would like to bring forward the voice of the first year student body and dedicate time to improving the long road student experience. I believe myself to be a hardworking, kind and inquiring individual who could be a great asset to student government. Throughout my time a secondary school, I took part in many leadership rolls, including house captain and being a member of student council for 2 years. Within student council, we brought student concerns forward and organized fundraising events for multiple charities. I also received a bronze student leadership accreditation, with different categories demonstrating me to be responsible, organized and a good member of a team.

Tabitha Dyer-Stephens

I would like to be student governor as I believe I can represent the interests of all students. Whilst I am academic, I also love sports, dancing and drama. These diverse interests enable me to be compassionate and have empathy for the challenges all students at Long Road may encounter. I have experience of debating students’ views as I represented my Secondary School at the House of Commons, this, I believe, provides me with the skills to confidently present students’ opinions. I am kind, approachable and caring, thus my friends feel they can talk to me confidentially. I believe these traits are essential in representing our views. Furthermore, the experience I have gained through being a Sports Leader and completing Bronze and Silver DofE means I have developed leadership, teamwork, organisation and listening, skills that I believe are essential for a student governor.

Luna Jackowska

I believe that I will be a great student governor because I have had roles such as house captain, student librarian and reading mentor in my previous schools which have improved my leadership and resilience skills. I am also willing to listen to everyone’s suggestions and take the necessary actions needed to try and satisfy everyone. I’m a friendly person that will give any help and comfort when they need it and I won’t judge them for needing that help and support. I have done multiple voluntary things such as bake sales and being a guide for the sponsored walk in my previous school meaning that I have a lot of experience with serious responsibilities as well as doing my schoolwork.

Urvisha Jethva

I have applied to become a Student Governor because alongside developing my skills and experience, I feel that it will also boost my College experience. Being a Governor will enable me to have a say about how to give all students the best experience and help develop the College to suit and support learners. In secondary school, I had the role of being House Captain where I had the opportunity to represent others while also gaining valuable experience including communication and leadership skills. I would love to have the opportunity to develop these even further in the role as a Student Governor whilst also while having a say in a topic very relevant to me – how the college is run.

Melissa Mlauzi

I think I would be a good student great as I work well in a team, am very organized and can always take on constructive criticism. In secondary school I was school council from year 7 to year 9 then I was senior prefect when I reached year 11. During From this I've learnt many valuable leadership skills and different ways of thinking. As a person I'm very optimistic but also realistic. I really value representation and inclusivity and trying to give a platform to minority voices that may not always be heard.

Mia Quinn

Throughout my time at school, I have always been interested in leadership roles, from prefect at primary to school council, sports leader, ambassador, and various other things in secondary. I have a lot of skills I think would prove useful in the corporation such as teamwork, empathy and problem-solving. So far, I have really enjoyed my time here at Long Road and would love the opportunity to represent my year in the corporation. If selected, I would work hard to make sure every student's voice is heard and do my best to address any concerns or queries they may have. I am prepared to balance the different responsibilities of my college work and my governor duties along with my extra-curricular activities. Thank you for your consideration.

Esme Ward

I would like to nominate myself for the position of student governor because I am committed to enhancing the student experience and believe I possess the skills and dedication necessary to make a positive impact. I have a keen interest in solving the issues faced by our student body, and would like the opportunity to represent and advocate for our needs. My experience ranges from involvement in student organisation's at my previous online school to volunteer work, which I believe have equipped me with the skills necessary for the position. As student governor I will focus on ensuring that student voices are heard, and that college life is inclusive and accessible to all. My wish is to create a vibrant and welcoming environment for both students and visitors. I hope to contribute my commitment and dedication to this role.