Long Road students shine like stars with glittering exam results!

We were dazzled this morning by the exam results achieved by the Long Road Class of 2023, which can only be described as gold star success! We really are in awe of all our students whose outstanding results prove only what we know to be true, that you are creative, determined, thoughtful, intelligent, adaptable, empowered and an overall amazing community of young people.

We are so very proud of our students today. Everyone will remember that for the class of 2023, this years’ A Level and Applied exams were the very first they had taken because of the COVID-19 disruption to GCSEs, yet through their individual resilience and hard work, and with the encouragement and support of our skilled teachers and progress coaches, our students have achieved a truly wonderful set of results this year.

It is really pleasing to share that despite the COVID disruption and the return to pre-pandemic exam grading, students achieved results significantly higher than those gained pre-pandemic in 2019, with many students this year achieving the highest grades, demonstrating that Long Road students have developed the knowledge, skills and attitude to thrive – we are excited to see what they do next. 

Special congratulations goes out to our Med Squad students who have faced the gruelling process of applying to medical and veterinary schools and with the combined force of their determination and specialist guidance from our staff have secured places at a range of outstanding universities across the UK.

Class of 2023, we are so very proud of you and cannot wait to see the positive changes that you make to the world...

Kayleigh: A, A, A, C

Congratulations to Long Road Scholar Kayleigh who received a fantastic set of results today! A’s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, and a C in Further Maths means she has confirmed her place at the University of York to study Biomedical Science; starting her on the path towards her career goal of working in cancer research.

My favourite thing about being a student at Long Road is the balance between support and the chance to grow as an individual. All my teachers have been amazing, but I would like to say a special thank you to Steve Warr, my amazing Maths teacher. 


Rosie: A*, A*, A, A

CONGRATULATIONS to Long Road Scholar Rosie, who today achieved a fantastic set of results with A*'s in Criminology and EPQ, and A's in Biology and Psychology. Rosie is now taking a gap year before going on to study a degree in Nutrition at Nottingham!

My favourite thing about Long Road has been all the green spaces and woodland on campus. I’ve also really enjoyed the Biology course. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and challenging myself to do new things in my role as a Long Road Scholar.

My advice to new students starting in September is don’t stress about making friends, just be friendly and don’t be afraid to talk to people. To the students moving up to Year 2 I would say start making a revision plan early, so you know what you’re doing and reduce stress.

Thanks to Paul Andrew for making Biology enjoyable and providing lots of resources to make it easier.


Jess: DS*, A*, A

Huge congratulations to Jess, who this morning achieved a stellar Distinction Star in Graphic Design, A* in Chemistry and A in Maths!! Jess is now setting off on a gap year full of self-discovery, independence, travelling and football! Upon her return she hopes to start a career in Dentistry. 

My favourite thing about Long Road is that everyone is always so friendly and all the staff say hello as you're walking around the corridors.  I want to say a special thank you to all of my teachers, especially Dana, Jo, Simon and my Progress Coach Michelle for all their encouragement and support.


Bailey: A*, A, A

We’re so proud of Bailey for achieving an AMAZING A*, A, A in Criminology, Economics and History! He has now accepted his highly competitive place to study Law with American Law at UEA! 

My favourite thing about Long Road is that the teachers are all really friendly and everyone, staff and students, actually calls each other by their first name. All the staff are easy to chat too and quickly build up supportive relationships with you, which means if you ever need help it's easy to ask. I would like to say a special thank you to Miranda, my History teacher, for all the many practice papers she marked for me, and Stewart my Economics teacher for making learning so engaging! 



Millie: A*, A, A

Many congratulations to Millie on her absolutely outstanding set of results, achieving an A* in PE and A's in Sociology and English Language & Literature! Millie will soon be off to the University of York to begin study a degree in Sociology! 

My favourite thing about my time at Long Road is all the new people I've met and friends I've made along the way. Everyone here is so supportive and always happy to help you whenever you need it. I would like to say a special thank you to Emma Barton and Chris Cope for supporting me to achieve these results! 


Charlotte: D*, D*, D, C

Congratulations to Charlotte who achieved a fantastic set of results today! With a double Distinction Star and a Distinction in Health and Social Care, as well as a C in EPQ, Charlotte has a wide range of options open for her next steps! For now, she is planning a gap year and has already started working as a House Leader for a local International School supporting their visiting summer students. She is already thinking about her long-term career goals, potentially in teaching! 

Studying Health and Social Care at Long Road was my favourite thing about being a student here. The whole Health and Social course was one big family, everyone is so fun and welcoming! I want to say a big thank you to my teachers Mel, Steve, Liam and Denise for being so supportive.


Hope: A*, A, A

Hope was over the moon this morning to receive an A* in Religion, Philosophy & Ethics and two A's in Sociology and Psychology! She has now accepted her place to study Social Policy at Bath University with the long-term goal of working in the civil service. 

My favourite thing about Long Road are the teachers, they are all so friendly and welcoming, from day 1 you are made to feel comfortable. I would like to say a special thank you to my Progress Coach, Shelley, for being so supportive. 


Martha: D*, D*, D

Huge congratulations to Martha on her fantastic results: double Distinction Star and a Distinction in Health and Social Care! She is now off to the University of Bedfordshire to begin studying a teaching course, specialising on teaching children with disabilities. 

My favourite thing about Long Road is the support you get, not only from your teachers but all the staff. I have to say a special thank you to Mel, my course team leader, for always being so supportive over the last 2 years. 


Faith: D*,D*,D

CONGRATULATIONS to Faith who achieved a triple distinction star in Sport Extended Diploma! Faith has celebrated in style, spending a day at the races with friends and family. She will soon be stating her new role as a physiotherapist and occupational therapy assistant; working with children with disabilities, helping to improve their mobility in day-to-day activities. This exciting new role is an excellent first step on her journey towards becoming a qualified physiotherapist working within sport rehabilitation. 

My favourite thing about long road would be the flexibility within learning; having the ability to do peer work, support from teachers when needed and working in a variety of topics (both practical and theory).I would like to say an amazing thank you to the incredible sport teachers who were just like having another friend in the classroom and always put students needs first to get to their end goal.


Mijanur: D*,D,D

Many congratulations to Mijanur on a truly brilliant set of exam results with a Distinction Star in IT, and two Distinctions in Media and Psychology. He has now accepted his place to study a degree in Computing at the University of Leicester! 

My favourite element in Long Road which led to my successful results was the interplay between the vibrant nature and the learning aspect within the campus. During breaks, me and my friends would wander off to the woods to help us feel mentally relaxed and take things off our mind due to the green environment within the campus. This feature of Long Road college has helped me to concentrate and stay calm in situations where a problem is to be resolved. So thank you Long Road college for everything, I wish all the best for the prospective students and staff.


Megan: D*,D*,D

We're so proud of Megan, who has been celebrating with her family today, as she has achieved a wonderful set of results with a double Distinction Star and Distinction in Art and Design! She is now off to continue developing her passion for art by studying illustration at ARU!

I'm most thankful for the staff and my friends who have made my experience at Long Road such a fun positive time. My goal is now to further explore my art and become an illustrator.



Kayleigh: A,A,A

Kayleigh is enjoying a well deserved celebration lunch today after achieving an amazing set of results with three A's in Sociology, Fine Art and Religion, Philosophy & Ethics. Next month she will be moving to Edinburgh to start her 4-year Philosophy course! 

My favourite part of Long Road has been the friends I've made within my time here and I've really enjoyed my time learning, writing, and discussing in my RPE course. I'm very grateful to my RPE teacher, Cath, for being so wonderful throughout the past two years, for making each lesson interesting and enjoyable and for helping me find such a love for the subject. I'm also extremely grateful to and thankful for the friends I've made through my time at Long Road as I couldn't have done it without them.


Dua'a: M,M,P

A big congratulations to Dua'a who this mornings has achieved an excellent double Merit and a Pass in Art and Design! She is now planning to get a job working as a nursery assistant. 

My favourite thing about Long Road has been the community and all the people I got to meet on my course. I would like to say thank you to my teachers and classmates for giving me a great Long Road experience. 


Dom: B,B,B

Long Road Scholar Dom has enjoyed a weekend of well-deserved celebrations after achieving a fantastic B,B,B in Psychology, Criminology and Geography! Dom is now taking a gap year before working towards his career goal of becoming a psychological well-being practioner by studying a degree Clinical Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University!

My favourite thing about Long Road is the freedom and the open study spaces to use in the summer, a nice environment and the teaching staff were really helpful and attentive. I would like to say thank you to Anna Ross and the psychology department who were massively helpful and so successful in getting me where I needed to be; Natasha Ives and the criminology department who were so friendly and made college a pleasure. Also a massive good luck to my geography teacher Bethany Tooley who is moving to Australia!