Team Building at Thorpe Woodlands Adventure Centre

This week a group of our Year 1 Sport Level 3 Extended Diploma students visited for Thorpe Woodlands Adventure Centre for an overnight stay jam-packed with outdoor adventure activities to develop their teamwork and team-leading skills! Read their trip diary below to hear what they got up too!

Tuesday 10th May – Day 1

We left college at 8:00am with 14 students to go to Thorpe Woodlands Adventure Centre as part of The Sport Applied Extended Diploma (180) Course.  To take part in an Outdoor and Adventurous residential trip and take lead of parts of the activities was part of Unit 10 of the course.

When we arrived, we checked in, we were staying in the Escape Pods.  We had a little area just for us that had a log cabin with kitchen facilities/eating area, a campfire and our escape pods that were laid out in a circle.

First activity was at 11am it was Team Challenges, challenges including communication and teamwork skills.

At 1:00pm we all had lunch.  After lunch, we split into 2 equal groups, 1 group done Zip Wire and the other group done Big Swing.  Each group had their own instructor who led all the activities with them for the whole 2 days.

After this, 1 group finished with Canoeing whilst the other done Tree Trekking.  Most of the students doing Canoeing led activities which was part of their Unit 10.  They made activities up and led them, 1 student done relay races, 1 student made everyone get into 1 boat without falling into the river and another student made everyone tie all the boats together whilst going down the river, these were just some examples.  It was good fun and good to see them lead and be creative in making activities up.

After a long day full of activities, we decided to go out to get some food and do a campfire with marshmallows before getting our heads down ready for our activities tomorrow.

Wednesday 11th May – Day 2

Our first activity started at 10:00am, 1 group went Biking whilst the other went Canoeing.  Some students going Biking led activities which was part of their Unit 10.  They made activities up and led them, 1 student done a formation activity where they shouted a formation and the students had to get into that formation whilst biking and 1 student put cones down and the activity was to bike through the cones, these were just some examples.

Every student either led a 5/10-minute activity in Canoeing or Biking over the 2 days.

After this we all sat in the log cabin and ate lunch together.  The next activity started at 12:30, these were Zip Wire for 1 group and Biking for another.

After this they moved straight onto the next activities which were Tree Trekking for 1 group and Big Swing for the other.

After a couple of days packed full of activities, we came home on the minibus.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and were tired from all the activities.