Creative Writing Project 2023

We are participating in the 2023 Association of College Creative Writing Project. All submissions will be included in the Long Road Creative Writing magazine, and the 5 most interesting will be submitted to the national project for the chance to be published in their online anthology.

Creative Writing Project: No limits!

Students at colleges up and down the country are being invited to put pen to paper in a creative writing project. Selected work from participating colleges will be published in an anthology available for all to read.

You can write in any format about anything that interests you. So you can write poetry or prose, fiction, or non-fiction, anything at all – there are no limits!

The blank page can be daunting, though. For that reason, we’ve put together some ideas about how to start off your writing. These are followed by some writing prompts that you can draw on or ignore, as you wish.



The task: Produce a piece of creative writing in a form of your choice. You can draw on some of the prompts offered, or use your own ideas. You can choose to write in any form, about any topic. So you might choose to write a story, or a poem; or you might decide to write a personal piece, or a film script, or a speech. You can write a complete piece that falls within the limit, or the start of a longer piece up to the word limit.

Constraints: Limit of 500 words

Submission date: 4pm, Friday 5th May 2023

Incentive: The most interesting pieces will be published in an anthology. This will be available for all to read online. Long Road will submit 5 entries to the national project co-ordinators to be considered for inclusion in their online anthology. All submissions will be published in our Long Road Creative Writing emagazine.


What do I do?

Write something! You can use one of the prompts at the end of this presentation to get started, or just write something from your own ideas. You can write in any form: poetry, short story, fiction, non-fiction, script …

Make sure the file name contains YOUR NAME. If you share as a Onedrive or Google docs file, make sure your permissions allow other people to open it!

Send it to to enter, along with your consent form by Friday 5th May

We can’t accept entries without a consent form as this is you giving us permission to share your work. The consent form also asks for permission to edit your work (this would generally be for spelling/grammar etc, or potentially adding a title/changing a word. We wouldn’t make substantial changes).

Don’t forget the word limit of 500 words. If you’ve written something longer, select a smaller section as your entry.

Further information, and writing prompts, can be found in the Creative Writing Project 2023 document below.

Don't forget to download and complete a copy of the Consent Form below!