Update from Stagecoach - timetable amendments.

Message from Stagecoach:

From Sunday 16th April, we will be making timetable amendments to some of our Busway and Cambridge services. 

We wanted to highlight the change to the Busway C service as we know this is a bus route that lots of your students currently use. From 16 April we will be operating 2 journeys each way on the C service, which are:

  • The 15:35 and 16:05 departures from Addenbrookes towards St Ives and Huntingdon.
  • The 06:35 and 06:55 departures from Huntingdon towards Cambridge.

The C route will no longer serve Cambridge Rail Station. This change allows us to reinvest this vehicle resource into Busway routes A and B to improve the service.  As well as the C journeys, the Busway A can be caught by your students between St Ives and Addenbrookes bus stops, which now has an enhanced peak time afternoon frequency of 15 minutes.

A PDF document which provides a full route by route overview of the changes can be found below.