What to do if you miss a mock exam

A message from Steve Dann to students taking mock exams this week (6 - 10 March 2023) 

If you miss a real exam, there is no opportunity to take it at another time, so you must do everything possible to get to the exam, even if you are a bit late, or not feeling your best.

As these are mock exams, the main purpose is practice, and we want you to get as much practice as possible. If you miss a mock exam you should contact your subject teacher and tell them. Tell them when a good time this week would be to do the mock (ie when you don’t have another mock).

Once you have agreed a time, arrange to collect a paper from your teacher or subject team (it may not be the same paper as everyone else sat). Take the paper to the LRC and let the invigilator know that you are not in the main mock session. Once they have got everyone seated, they will aim to find a spare seat for you. When you finish the paper, raise your hand to let the invigilator know. If there are no spare seats in the LRC, Exams will try to find another exam room that is being invigilated.

You should note your start and end time on the paper and then return the paper to your teacher. Don’t hand it to the invigilator, because it will get muddled with the other subject.

If you are not able to fit the mock into this week (because you are ill all week, for example), you will need to talk to your teacher and arrange to complete it, but you will not be getting the full practice experience.

If you don’t take the mock at the same time as the rest of the subject, your teacher will still mark the paper and give you feedback, but they will make a note that it wasn’t done under the same conditions as everybody else.