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Information for New Parents/Carers

Introductory Emails from Teachers

Each teacher will be sending out an introductory email with key dates for the course and any suggested additional resources they feel would be useful (for example study guides).


We refer to the acronym VESPA to help students be successful at college. This framework helps us to have conversations about learning effectively.

  • Vision – when students are clear on where they are heading and what they want to achieve, they are more motivated to do well.
  • Effort – students should be doing at least 3 hours of independent study per subject per week, and no more than 12 hours of paid part-time work.
  • Systems – students are supported to plan their time effectively and to keep organised class notes for revision.
  • Practise – It is important that students regularly apply their learning in both formal tests (Key Assessments) but by reading around the subject to gain a wider perspective. Discussing topics at home can be very beneficial.
  • Attitude – specifically, this refers to how students respond to setbacks and challenges. We help them to build resilience and to learn from mistakes in order to improve.

Reporting Absence

Students should use the online self-reporting form

to let the college know of any short-term absence. Longer-term absences should be notified to Student Services and the Progress Coach. Please note the college will not authorise any holidays taken during term time. Good attendance is the single biggest factor determining success and we will follow up poor attendance.

Parents will be sent a weekly automated email showing attendance for the previous week.


ProPortal is an online platform for parents and students to access academic information including current attendance, timetable, grades from Key Assessments and Predicted Grades for UCAS. Progress Audits (reports) will be available on ProPortal and not posted home. Students are encouraged to record any enrichment activity on ProPortal so it can be used in supportive references.

Parents will be sent a unique log-in for ProPortal


Moodle is our Virtual Learning Environment where teachers post resources and notices. Additionally, there is information on applying to university, apprenticeships, and student support. Students are expected to use this site in their Progression Planning session to prepare for the next steps after leaving college.

Parents can log on as a guest to see a restricted view of the site.

Careers Planning

Details of the Careers Programme and related events are available on the college website

Our Progression Manager, Andy Goodwin, can be contacted at We are always looking for new links with local employers for visits and work experience.

College Policies

Key college policies can be downloaded from the website

Key Dates

Term Dates can be found on the website here:

Reporting and Assessment Dates (Year 1)

  • Key Assessment 1 – Week beginning  29th October. Initial assessment to make sure students have understood the introductory learning.
  • Progress Audit 1 – 15th November.  Effort grades and comment if required.
  • Key Assessment 2- Week beginning 6th January
  • Key Assessment 3 – Week beginning 9th March
  • Key Assessment 4 – End of Year 1 Exams Week beginning 1st June
  • Progress Audit 2 – Written report and predicted grades 22nd June
  • Parent Consultation – 7th and 8th July

If you have concerns about progress, please email the teacher, and/or Progress Coach. You may be able to resolve matters via email, telephone or prefer to arrange a meeting. Where there are significant concerns over progress or attitude to learning, parents will be contacted to come in for a meeting with relevant staff.

Academic Support and Student Welfare

Click here for more information on Academic Support.

Contact Tina Abbot on 01223 631100 or

ALPS Target Grade

We use a national benchmarking scheme called ALPS to calculate a target grade for each student based on the GCSE grades achieved. This is far from an exact science, but gives teachers, students and parents a starting point for discussing expected progress during the course.