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Equality & Diversity

The College aims to promote and maintain equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination and harassment on grounds of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, gender reassignment, religion or age. We actively encourage applications from students from all ethnic backgrounds, ensure that students with any physical disabilities have equal access to resources and encourage students to follow courses of their choice for which they are qualified.

We are committed to raising awareness of Equal Opportunities issues among both staff and students through specific educational initiatives. We hope you will never face any form of discrimination or harassment or feel that you are prevented from participating in the full range of college activities, but should it occur, we will provide the support necessary to resolve any difficulties.

Equality and Diversity Report 2019-2020

Equality and Diversity Report 2019 – 2019

Equality Objectives 2019-2022

Equality and Diversity Report 2017-18

Equality Report October 2017

Equality Objectives 2016-19

Equality and Diversity beyond Long Road

Long Road is part of in the E&D in Education regional hub serving the East of England and North East London. A number of schools and colleges work together to provide bespoke leadership and management programmes for teachers who have identities that are under-represented in schools and colleges. These positive action projects cover protected characteristics including sex, pregnancy and maternity, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender reassignment. Having more minority groups in education leadership increases visibility, promotes inclusion and provides young people with role models. Long Road specifically works with the LGBT+ project, Courageous Leaders. If you have questions please email Niamh McNabb.