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Latest Updates:

January 2020 – Results Day

These are sent by email to College email addresses on Wednesday 18 March 2020 from 8am.

Please make sure that you can access your College email account and that the mailbox is not full; otherwise you may not receive your results.  If you are unable to access your email account please contact or phone 01223 631234.  

Ensure the College also has your most up-to-date personal email address.

Post-result services

The following services are available after the publication of January 2020 results:

  • Enquiries about results – Non-priority services
  • Access to marked examination scripts – Non-priority services
  • Issue of certificates (June 2020)

Please use the links below to request and pay for post-results services. If you need to contact the College, please email Please do not phone as you will be directed to send an email. Due to the anticipated volume of enquiries, we will aim to respond to your enquiry as soon as we can. All post-results services submitted before the deadline will be processed.    

  • Access to Scripts – non-priority service (whereby there is no university place is dependent on the outcome)
  • Review of Marks – non-priority service (whereby there is no university place is dependent on the outcome)

Post-Result Services requests should be made via the Exams Shop Click here to access the Exams Shop .

Important Information

If you are considering requesting a review of marking because you are dissatisfied with your examination grade, please bear the following in mind:

  • Consider your predicted grades, ongoing assessment provided by your teacher(s), mock exam results and any advice or expectations you had about what you were realistically going to achieve. If your result is way-off what you expected and how well you think the exam(s) in the subject went, then you may be right to consider a review of marking.
  • Exam boards will only change a grade due to errors, or if marking is out of tolerance when reviewing scripts and mark schemes. Reviewers will not re-mark scripts: The service is a post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly. Adjustments will not be made due to minor differences in professional opinion (e.g. slightly firmer or slightly softer marking).
  • Your marks could be lowered following the outcome of a review and your overall grade could go down. If this happens you cannot request the original grade to be reinstated.
  • Requests for a review of marking can be expensive and your grade could rise, fall or remain the same.
  • Once a review of marking has been requested, it cannot be withdrawn; nor can your original grade be reinstated if a review of marks has altered it.
  • Grades awarded by the exam boards are only occasionally increased. The College’s experience is that exam boards have rarely changed marks in the past and have put systems in place to considerably reduce the number of changes they make post-results. However, they have improved the quality and checking of marking so grades are considered to be accurate.
  • The services are available for written papers of both modular and linear specifications. Coursework and practical elements cannot be reviewed and have already been checked and moderated.
  • Any special consideration applied for immediately after you took the paper will have been applied, and the College cannot request the same or similar circumstances are taken into account any further after results publication.
  • The College is able to offer a refund (minus the administration fee of £10) for any subjects whereby the overall grade is altered following a Review of Marks.

Using the Priority services – terms and conditions:

  • All requests received ahead of the deadline will be processed. The deadlines are published by the exam boards and we cannot guarantee the boards will meet the request within the set deadlines.
  • If you want to access your script before requesting a Review of Marks, please bear in mind that a script can take a few days to be returned to us, and you may not have time to meet the Review of Marking deadline. The College cannot be held responsible for any delays in exam boards processing the requests if made within the published deadlines.
  • Completing payment for any post-result service confirms you accept these conditions.