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Awarding Grades 2021

Dear students,

Following the cancellation of the Summer 2021 exam series teachers at the college submitted Teacher Assessed Grades to the Awarding Organisations (the exam boards) in place of those cancelled exams. These TAGS were based on a basket of evidence from your courses and marked to the standards expected of the qualification. The Assessment Record evidence basket has been shared with you and can be found on your class Teams pages. A template for reference is on this page. The marks you received for each of the assessments in the evidence basket can be found on ProPortal, but do remember that the TAG is holistic, which means it is not an average of the grades or marks you may have received but an overall academic judgement. The college quality assurance process, is outlined in the JCQ approved College TAG Policy. An example of the Head of Department checklist, completed by every subject area is included on this page. Awarding Organisations carried out their own quality assurance processes, including the sampling of student work, after teachers submitted grades on the 18th June. On the 10th August (A Level and L3 Applied) and 12th August (GCSE and L2 Applied) we will be sent your confirmed grades and we will send them to you via your college email account. Please make sure you can access that still.

In the event that you want to appeal against the awarded grade, there are two levels of process you can take. A Centre Review and an Awarding Organisation Appeal. The college will carry out the Centre Review and can appeal to the Awarding Organisation on your behalf, you cannot appeal to them directly. The college review will check for errors in process, but will not reconsider the academic judgement made by the teachers. The Awarding Organisation will also check errors in process, and can review the Academic Judgement, however, it is important to note that they will not re-mark your work, only check that the judgements seem reasonable.

How to appeal.
Centre Number 22151 Long Road Sixth Form College

  • You must only use the appeals form available on this page. We will not discuss appeals over the phone or in person.
  • You must read all the relevant documents in order to complete that form, or risk your appeal being dismissed. Start with Summer 2021 Exams APPEALs. This details the whole process and where to send the appeal.
  • The video above will support that document and explain the process.
  • You must not try to contact your teachers about the grade they awarded. They will not be in college or able to change the grade.
  • Submitting an appeal is consent to have your grade changed. It may go up, stay the same, or go down.
  • Appeals are only available for students certificating this year. This means you are completing a qualification this year.
  • Read the document Reasonable Academic Judgement. This explains how the Awarding Organisation will approach a review of how the college determined the evidence and each grade. An appeal would need to demonstrate that the college has been unreasonable.
  • You can sit retake exams in the Autumn Term whether you appeal or not. If you retake and the result is lower than the TAG, you will keep the TAG. Details on how to make entries are here.

As always during this difficult and unprecedented year, we have aimed to be completely transparent in the way we have approached the cancellation of the exams, and we have always put your best interests at the centre of our approach. This means ensuring that every individual is treated fairly and according to the evidence of what you know, understand and can do in each subject. We have considered each of your individual circumstances and provided all allowable support and mitigation. We all understand the difficulties that this year has presented, and would hope that you are confident that the grades you have achieved are fair, rigorous, and reflect your time at Long Road. You should be proud of your efforts. We are.

During the summer holiday period, there are limited numbers of staff on site. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the email address.


Steve Dann
Vice Principal
Long Road Sixth Form College
01223 631100


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