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Worry Worksheet: step by step guide to handling your worries

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When we worry about things it is easy to imagine the worst-case scenario. In reality, the worst possible thing you can think of rarely happens and more often than not, the things we worry about don’t actually come true.

What could happen isn’t always the same as what will happen.

Thinking about what will happen rather than what could happen is a great way of reducing your worries. Use this step by step guide whenever you start to worry to help calm your anxiety and focus on the reality of the worry.

Simply answer the below questions when you start to worry; you’ll see the problem get smaller and find you have a clear plan on how to cope with what may happen!

  • What is something you are worried about?
  • What are some clues that your worry will not come true?
  • If your worry does not come true, what will probably happen instead?
  • If your worry does come true, how will you handle it? Will you eventually be okay?
  • How do you feel after answering these questions? How has your worry changed?

Click here to download a copy of our worry worksheet!

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