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Watch our students at The Gurdon Institute

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Last year Biology A level students were extremely lucky to be invited to visit The Gurdon Institute in Cambridge, and the Institute has now posted a video of the event.

The Gurdon Institute, formerly known as the Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK Institute, is part of the School of Biological Science at the University of Cambridge. It was founded to promote research in the areas of developmental biology and cancer biology, and to foster a collaborative environment for independent research groups with diverse but complementary interests.

Developmental biology is concerned with how cells acquire and maintain their normal functions, and cancer is a result of cells escaping from these normal controls. Research in the Gurdon Institute aims to extend understanding of these processes through analysis of intracellular and intercellular activity at cellular and molecular levels. Biology course team leader Paul Andrew talks about the visit:

“We started with an overview of the work of the Institute, followed by a seminar about cell division and cancer. Our students then had an opportunity to observe non-cancerous and cancerous human tissues under a microscope.

“After a short tour of the Institute came what was for me one of the highlight: a demonstration of the OMX Structured Illumination Microscope (one of very few in the country).

“The visit finished with a Question and Answer session about science and careers in science.

“I would like to thank Dr Helen Doerflinger for inviting us to an exciting and inspirational event, which we hope to be able to repeat.”

Watch the video: