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Virtual Volunteering Club – Olivia

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Olivia is a Year 2 student who studies Criminology Level 3 Extended Certificate, Psychology Level 3 Extended Certificate and Sport Level 3 Extended Certificate. She has been keeping busy by getting involved with lots of volunteering during lockdown…

Olivia, tell us all about your lockdown volunteering activities!

During lockdown, I have been volunteering with numerous activities to help my community. This has included, if the person has trouble moving around or has a disability, I have been going to people’s houses to clean out/move things/tidy their gardens if they are unable to do that themselves. This has helped with my interaction and communication skills and helping me get the skills I need for the Police.

My brother, being a Chef and being shut down due to lockdown, is making food for people. On occasions, I am driving to deliver food packages to people in the local area surrounding me, if they are self-isolating and can’t leave the house.

Why did you first get involved in these volunteering activities and why do you enjoy them?

During Police Cadets, it has given me the opportunity to do these types of activities as I wouldn’t have done so before. It gives me satisfaction that I am making people’s day. Also, I am hoping to continue in the police force in the future, so this gives me an insight into what I could be doing soon. Over the years of being a police cadet, they have recently asked me to become a Cadet Instructor, which is a huge opportunity to help me with my career in the police.

Why do you think other students should join the Long Road Volunteering Club?

I think other students should consider doing volunteering activities because it’s good for the community also giving you the experience to do something you wouldn’t think to do. My passion was from my other brother who is already in the MET police, so I want to follow him in his footsteps. So, if other students had the same inspiration by someone like me, they would want to do a lot more to help and volunteer.

If you are interested in joining the Long Road Volunteering Club, where you will receive regular updates on volunteering opportunities, then email Sam on