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Update from Alex Zintl, former Philosophy A level student at Long Road

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Alex ZintlFormer student Alex Zintl is in her final year of Philosophy at the University of York and is currently working on a project on Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.

She is applying for a Postgraduate degree as well as Law Internships.

Alex is hoping to visit Long Road in the next few weeks, but in the meantime has given us an update on her life as a student, her study of Philosophy and how Long Road benefited her.

“I chose to study at York as it is a campus university in small city, so that you can really feel part of a student community. It also ranks highly, has excellent student satisfaction, and is a reasonable distance away from Cambridge.

“My favourite aspect of York so far has been its student societies, and the fact that almost all the other students I have met here are so engaged in them. It makes the whole university experience far more stimulating and offers a way of meeting so many more people. The city of York is also very beautiful and is full of little independent coffee shops and restaurants to explore.

“I enjoy philosophy because there is such a range to study and chose from within the subject. Studying ancient philosophy for example feels like a totally different discipline to metaphysics, so you can really tailor your choices within the degree to what you like. I also feel as though reading philosophy as a degree really trains and sharpens your thinking, as there is such an emphasis on being precise and direct in your writing. The majority of work for my degree is independent reading too, so it is very flexible, and you can structure your day to suit your working patterns. I am planning onto take a Law conversion course once I have finished my degree with the idea of eventually becoming a solicitor.

“I studied History, Politics, and Philosophy at Long Road. I found every single one of my teachers so encouraging and helpful. I also found that all my teachers were very interested in the subject itself, rather than solely teaching to pass exams. As a result the lessons were engaging and I found (and still find) all the subjects I studied incredibly interesting. I can honestly say that my time at Long Road was two of the best years of my life, and I always remember it very fondly. Studying at Long Road made the transition into university fairly easy as I was used to managing my own time and working independently.”