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TWI’s Younger Members Committee holds Materials Selection workshop at LRSFC

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On 5 July 2018 Physics students in a Level Physics and Applied Science courses had the chance to participate in an interactive workshop led by the Younger Members Committee from The Welding Institute, a Cambridge based company specialising in state of the art use and joining of materials.

Students performed an experiment based on choosing the correct materials for a small-scale bridge. The students were asked to consider which materials would be most suitable for the bridge, including the cross sections, based on cost, size and shape and environmental impact. There was also an introduction to the types of calculations used by engineers in conducting this sort of work and an introduction to mechanical testing, with students able to discuss the properties and applications of materials and test them in laboratories.

Students were also given the opportunity to talk to engineers about their career paths and what they actually do in their work on a day to day basis, and were able to ask about the Apprenticeships that TWI offer.

The Younger Members Committee was represented by two engineers, Matt Haslett and Jessica Taylor, who said “All the students really enjoyed themselves – and Matt and I did too! It was brilliant to see the students engaging with the exercise and creatively designing their own experiments to tackle the problem at hand. Seeing the real world applications of their studies prompted many of the students to ask how they could work at a company like TWI (through either higher education or apprenticeship). This was the highlight for me – seeing the students excited about engineering.

This was a really instructive session for all involved both staff, students and engineers, and many thanks for TWI for their enthusiasm to visit and be involved.

Check out the link below to see TWI’s news article about the workshop: