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Summer Exams 2019 Survival Guide

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Your survival guide to Summer Exams 2019

The 2019 summer exam season is just around the corner, and we know that it’s a super stressful time – but don’t worry we’re here to help you out!

There’s loads to do to get prepared before your exams and knowing where to start can be tricky, so we’ve put together this Exam Survival Guide to try and make things as easy as possible.

Rules and Regulations

Before you even think about sitting your exam there’s a whole load of rules and regulations you need to know. Don’t worry, we take care of most of these and for the really important ones we’ve made this handy guide below so you can try and get your head around what you need to know in order to sit your exam.

Know your exam timetable

If you check your college emails you should find a message there from our Exams Office containing your Statement of Entry. This is personal to YOU and shows your exam timetable, candidate number, exam locations and exam seats.

You can also check out the full exam timetable by following the link below.

If you haven’t had an email from the Exams Office yet, or you think there is something wrong, come and talk to them in Registry, email them at

Exam dates 2019

Eat, Sleep, Revise, Repeat!

Start revising as early as possible – make time, not excuses! All our staff are on hand to help you get the most out of your revision. Talk to your teachers about extra study sessions or ask Academic Support to help you set up a revision timetable and work through your exam techniques.

Work hard but don’t over do it, you need time to rest and soak in the information you’ve been looking at. Overworking at your revision without setting aside time to relax will just burn you out. We want you to do the best you possibly can, but remember to look after yourself too.

We asked our wonderful Long Road Alumni what their top tips are to getting through the revision season – take a look at the video below to find out!


Exam Checklist

We all get nervous before an exam, it’s perfectly normal! But it can lead us to make silly mistakes or forget important things.

You can use our Exam Checklist to tick off each item as you put it in your bag to make sure you’ve got everything you need!


Good Luck!

Remember – you’re amazing!