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Student snapshot: Elena Dorling

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Psychology, English Language and Sociology student Elena Dorling is taking an Extended Project to investigate the causes of violent crime.

“My interest in this area started when I watched C.S.I. on television. I now want to study Forensic Psychology. I spoke to the college Enrichment Manager, Nigel Ballard, about taking an Extended Project as an additional AS level. I have now carried out my research,” she explains, and now is well underway with the required 5,000-6,000-word report on my findings.”

After looking at previous studies, Elena has concluded that there is no single cause. “Many studies look at physiological causes such as frontal lobe damage.  This might have come about from an accident or being abused as a child. However, it could also be caused by a gene mutation on the x chromosome which could result in a serotonin deficiency – but this only effects behaviour in those also abused as a child.”

Elena is planning to study Forensic Psychology at the University of Portsmouth. “We start with a general overview of Psychology then take specialised modules,” she explains.