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Student documentary films screened at Arts Picturehouse Cambridge

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Nineteen Level 3 Applied Media student documentaries have been exhibited as part of a special event at the Arts Picturehouse Cambridge.

The films were the result of the major practical tasks for Year 2 Applied Media students working on the film and television pathway at Long Road Sixth Form College.

Tom Woodcock, a course tutor on the Applied Media programme says:

“We are really pleased to have such a strong programme of documentary films.  The students have worked exceptionally hard to find interesting and engaging stories and then bring them to life.  They really warrant the exposure on the big screen. “

Students were initially set the task to make a short radio documentary from one of six briefs; the ideas were then developed for a documentary film.  They worked independently or as part of a small production team.

Tom concludes: “Filmmaking is a challenging task, as anyone who has tried will know, and documentary throws up many of unique obstacles that come from telling the stories of real people. There are numerous creative and practical issues that need resolving in order to weave a narrative out of non-fictitious events. The filmmakers have often invested a lot in these personal stories.   We would like to thank all those who have taken part and especially those who have let their stories be told.  We are very proud of all of those involved in this project.”

The programme:


Documentary: 06.33, Dir: Jake Flack, Cinematographer/Sound: Will Smith
Susan reflects about her dad that she never met.

Ear We Go

Documentary: 5.31  Dir:  Ted Garrett
The life story of someone who loves to play a sport, but can’t because of his disability.

Teenage Kicks

Documentary: 5.00  Producer, Director, Editor: Steven Adams
Teenage Kicks is about my dad’s life growing up in Northern Ireland, focusing on the places and events that had an impact on him.


Documentary: 4.03  Dir: Maddie Tod
A dedicated woman owns four horses and dedicates every day to them.


Documentary: 6:22, Dir: Tully Mead, Sound: Marcus Tabram
17 year olds, Harry and Connor, have decided to join the army.

I’m Coming Out

Documentary:  5.08, Prod: Marcus Brown,  Dir: Hollie Budd, Cinematographer: Shannon McDonald-Doyle
LGBTQ Teens discuss their own identity.


Documentary: 5.03  Prod:  Oliver Mitham, Dir: Francesco Ruvulo, Sound: William Komba
Mel explains how bodybuilding has changed him as a person, physically and personally.

Re-Homing: A Cat’s Life

Documentary: 6.28,  Dir: Louanne Honey, Sound: Lexie Reynolds
A quick look into why animal re-homing should be the preferred option for pet lovers.

Here and There

Documentary:  5.58, Dir: Lauryn Fuller
A family explain how world travel has shaped their lives

Barbara Sansoni,  A World of Colour

Documentary: 5.15 Dir: Misha Conrad
84 year old artist, writer and designer Barbara Sansoni. Born in Sri Lanka, living there and Cambridge, she reminisces on her life as an artist.


Documentary: 5.00   Prod: Aidan Chesters,  Dir: Francis Pesquera,  Cinematographer:  Aidan Tranter, Sound: Jacob Hollison
In the modern world, people’s connection with the nature deteriorates and is overcome by technology. A society aims to reconnect.

Downhill Junkie

Documentary: 6.58   Dir: Johnny Mutch
An emerging downhill mountain cyclist explores the thrills and dangers of the sport.

The Next Chapter

Documentary: 05:03 Dir/Prod/Editor: Alex Littleboy
A young goalkeeper leaves friends and family to move over to America to pursue his dream of becoming a professional football player.

‘Raised By The Internet’

Documentary: 7.45  Dir: Diara Vassallo
A new generation of teenagers have been brought up with instant access to the Internet –  what they think but do not usually say.

Live Artists

Documentary: 3.06,  Dir: Anabelle Johnson, Cinematographer: Emma Northfield, Sound: Alexa Reynolds
A short insight into aspiring, talented musicians and their struggles in the creative industry.

Call to Curtain

Documentary:  6.30  Dir; Aaron Marcus
Synopsis: The dance on stage is what the audience sees. However, there is a second, more meticulously choreographed, dance that goes on behind the scenes, choreographed by a single person.


Documentary: 5:35,  Dir: Anna Daniels
A teenage girl, going through anxiety and depression, discusses how it feels to have such a condition.

The Composer

Documentary: 3.32  Dir:  Caleb Caprietta
A biography about how music has become such a big part of a man’s life even though he hated playing instruments when he was younger.


Documentary: 5.34 Dir: Sam Bywater
Adopted Holly becomes part of the family.