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Specialist Staff – Social Sciences

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Photo: ‘Life Behind Bars’ Criminology Conference 2018

Our Social Sciences department is full of specialist staff who dedicate their time to ensuring their students reach their full potential. From Cambridge graduates to industry experts; read below to meet some of our department staff and find out why they love teaching their course at Long Road! 

Tom Genillard, Criminology Course Team Leader 

Tom has a BA(Hons) Social Sciences from Leeds Beckett University.

“The freedom to explore all of the different social science subjects and then in my last year to concentrate on my favourite (Criminology) and focus my dissertation in that area. Attending seminars helped me to learn how to debate and to value opinions from other peoples viewpoints.”

“Crime is such a growing societal issue which everyone finds interesting. To change our society and make it safer we need more Criminologists and so working with these students who may go on to do this is incredibly rewarding. We offer activities and regularly have trips and outside speakers with police, judges and prison staff that no other college is able to do.The course will help with careers by getting students working alongside these people in work-like situations e.g. solving a crime in our murder in the woods investigation, having a ride along with the police for a day etc. Our exam results are in the top 3 colleges in the UK for this diploma.”

Dr Julie Chalder-Mills, Teacher of Criminology 

Jules has a BA (Hons) in Criminology from Anglia Ruskin University, an MSc in Clinical Criminology from the University of Leicester and a PhD in Sociology Studies from the University of Sheffield!

“What I enjoyed most about undertaking research was meeting the participants and taking life histories from them.  I love teaching criminology as it is a never-ending crime story; it evolves as well as revolves around human activity/ies.  Prospective Students should study Criminology here at LRSFC as it will give them the ‘edge’ over other students/job applicants, as this subject demonstrates an interest in humankind and how we both commit and deal with crime.”

Photo: Psychology trip to London Zoo, 2017

Anna Ross, Psychology Course Team Leader

Anna has an MSc in Sport and Performance Psychology from London Metropolitan University.

“I enjoyed gaining direct experience of the applied psych field, which I continued to practice in through the BPS (British Psychological Society) Chartership programme for a further 4 years. I love using what I’ve learned every day to support our students’ development of skills to make them successful in A-levels and beyond. Students should study with us because we have a vast amount of collective experience and expertise to share, and because Psychology is such a diverse subject it can be applied to any area of interest students may eventually pursue.”

Catherine Rowe, Teacher of Psychology 

Cathy has an MA(Hons) Psychology and Management Studies from St Andrews University, as well as a Diploma in Counselling from the National Extension College.

“I had never heard anything about Psychology but thought it sounded interesting and something different to the management course I was studying.  I was hooked from the very first lecture which was on the history of IQ testing.  I realised this subject was about everything I had been interested in.  I really liked the scientific nature of the course and I loved doing the psychology practicals.  We did so many interesting things including measuring our saliva after eating pizza, personality tests and doing unsolvable puzzles in order to make us stressed.  I did my final year project at the Edinburgh zoo on chimpanzees.  I also have a counselling diploma and feel this helps my students understand the difference between doing a counselling degree and studying psychology at university

I like working with young people with their enthusiasm for life.  I like to hear about their plans for their future and happy I have inspired so many to study psychology at university.  I really look forward to teaching students about psychology studies and having them do some experiments themselves on members of their family and their friends.  I enjoy helping people and like the process of helping students to understand the more difficult concepts in the course as well learn how to answer some of the more tricky exam questions.  I work overseas during some of the college holidays and have recently set up a link with a school in Pakistan so the students can get to know students in other countries who also study the same course.

The teaching at Long Road is fantastic.  There are so many courses to choose from and we have great facilities for learning, keeping fit and having fun.  The staff are very friendly and caring and do a lot to help students settle into the college.  We have a lot of activities both in lessons and outside at the beginning of year 1 so that students can get to know new people very quickly.  A levels will be challenging but there is so much support and guidance available at Long Road that if students are motivated to learn and do well in their studies they can achieve really exceptional results.  But even when motivation can be low, we also do a lot to support more vulnerable students.  The additional support department can step in at any time that a student might be struggling and help them to get through a difficult period in their life.” 

Krystyna Jaworska-Wood, Teacher of Psychology

Krystyna studied an MSc in Teaching of Psychology from Glyndwr University after achieving a BSc in Psychology from the University of Reading and her PGCE in Psychology from the University of Leeds.

The course enabled me to connect with Psychology teachers from the UK and abroad. I was able to critically consider a range of different approaches to teaching Psychology at A level.

I particularly enjoy teaching the biological influences on behaviour such as the ability of the human brain to reorganise itself following physical trauma. Studying Psychology at Long Road enables students to develop a deep understanding of this rich and complex subject. Psychology has increased credibility as a science and is an incredibly popular course at Long Road. The course covers 11 captivating areas of Psychology including Memory, Biopsychology, Forensic and Schizophrenia.”

Adrian Riches, Teacher of Psychology

Adrian achieved a BSc Psychology from the University of Leicester before studying his PGCE at Greenwich University. He now combines his teaching work at Long Road with being a team leader for AQA.

James Watkins, Teacher of Psychology

James has a BSc Psychology from the University of Sussex where he “really loved the interdisciplinary approach the psychology course took; lecturers were fantastic (really entertaining and inspiring!) and the location – a lovely place to study”

Now teaching at Psychology at Long Road he enjoys “watching the students become more focused and mature and really keen on getting the grade! We offer an immense experience of teaching and examining psychology. We are friendly and approachable but challenge students to think”

Photo: Taken by Photography student Josh at Offer Holders Day 2018.

Ian Osborne, Sociology Course Team Leader

Ian has a BA(Hons) Sociology and Politics from Keele University.

“The Sociology of Education and Urban sociology were two areas I really enjoyed. Education, Beliefs and Crime and Deviance are the areas I really enjoy teaching.Students should study sociology at Long Road because the department has very talented and committed teachers who are passionate about sociology and its importance in helping us understand the most important developments in the contemporary world. Studying sociology is inherently interesting. It makes you look at the world in new ways and question your taken for granted assumptions. You will never be the same again!”

Megan Issott, Teacher of Sociology 

Megan began her studies with a BA(Hons) Media, Culture and Society from the University of Birmingham; she then achieved a Certificate in theology from the University of Edinburgh and an MEd in Researching Practice from Cambridge University. She enjoys “the variety of units and their link to current society and education” and encourages students to study Sociology at Long Road because it’s “an opportunity to understand the world around them and a better understanding of each other – this happens in both sociology and Religion, Philosophy and Ethics”.

Alice Goult, Teacher of Sociology

Alice has achieved a BSc(Hons) Psychology and Sociology and an MSc Psychology from Sheffield Hallum University!

“The area I enjoyed studying most at university was social psychology as it has elements of both subjects. The thing I enjoy most about teaching sociology is that it applies to everyday life and students can reflect on their own experiences. Studying sociology at Long Road helps students to understand society and their futures better.”

Photo: Visit from Chris Skidmore MP, 2017.

Shaun Townsend, Politics Course Team Leader

Shaun has a BA(Hons) International Relations & Security Study from the University of Bradford; where he enjoyed studying International Terrorism and Russian Politics. Shaun previously worked for HM Armed Forces in the Royal Navy