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Scientific Poster Competition winners announced!

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Inspired by the excellent Scientific Poster Competition hosted by the Babraham Institute last year; this term our Biology department decided to kickstart the Autumn term with their own scientific poster competition!

Our Year 1 and Year 2 students were asked to research an area of Biology that they are most interested in before creating and presenting their own scientific poster. The creation and presentation of scientific posters is an examination tool frequently used by universities meaning this competition was not only great fun but also great practice for our students; preparing them for university-style assessments!

Paul Andrew,  Biology Course Team Leader, selected the best two posters from each class and sent them to Dr Helen L. Zenner, a post-doctorate researcher at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge; a world-leading institute in biological research. Helen selected the winning poster alongside two runners up in each year group.

We are delighted to announce the poster competition winners and runners up, with Helen’s comments! All winners will be awarded a certificate and book token for their excellent efforts; we can’t wait to display the posters around college for all our staff and students to enjoy!

Year 2

Winner – Dylan Kimberley

“It was very clearly presented throughout with a simple but elegant experiment, good analysis of the data and a well-thought-out conclusion.  With more data collection this could be turned into a neat little paper!”

Runner-up – Megan Walker

“Set out a defined question in the introduction which helped set the scene well and the study was well explained.”

Runner-up – Alice Fredriksson

“I was impressed that Alice was able to take data from a study and analyse them in a different way to the original study.  Being able to draw in additional studies was great.”

Year 1

Winner – Findlay Hay

“There was a great use of diagrams. The text was well explained and referred to multiple studies.”

Runner-up – Daisy Pollitt

“The poster was very well organised and easy to follow.”

Runner-up –  Jessica Langford

“made excellent use of figures in her poster.”