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Sarah King, Young Designer of the Year, visits College

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In November we were delighted to hear that former student Sarah King had won Young Designer of the Year at the Midland Fashion Awards.

Sarah very kindly came back to the College this week to talk to A level Design Technology Textiles students about her degree in Fashion from Coventry University.

“This was an excellent opportunity for our students to find out about further studies in Fashion,” explains Design Technology teacher Lynn Reynolds. “Sarah brought her design portfolio with her and showed us how the design process works. She also explained how students print their own fabrics and how they use modern information technology such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop – and also some more traditional techniques such as sonic welding, a new technique for joining synthetic materials (not to be confused with traditional welding).”

Sarah’s capsule collection was inspired by both natural forms such as tree bark and body adornments, including tattoos. While she was talking, one of her friends, Rachel Payne, who also studied Design Technology at Long Road, showed the audience the finished products.

“Sarah’s work is amazing,” comments Lynn. “Her Young Designer Award was extremely well deserved.”

Sarah also talked about life at university, explaining how much she had to work, particularly in her final year (12 hours a day in college plus further work into the small hours) and explaining about bursaries for both university study and additional research visits here and abroad.

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“Sarah has now graduated with a first class degree,” says Lynn, “and is now considering several offers. On top of this, she has had her work at the Free Range Arts & Design show in Brick Lane featured on both the Vogue and Glamour websites. Her success highlights the value of taking further studies in this field. We are extremely happy for her and look forward to hearing about her further successes.”