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Riding to international success with alumnus Rebecca

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Long Road Alumni, Rebecca Page, gave us a call to tell us about her success in setting up her own business riding & competing horses internationally!

After her recent win in the Dressage Winter Regional’s, and coming 10th in Nationals, Rebecca got in touch to tell us how she’s created her own career path, and success, using the skills and experiences she gained while at Long Road. 

“I studied PE, Photography and Psychology when I was at college. I found them interesting and achieved high grades but my passion has always been horse riding. Leaving Long Road was a bit of a cross-roads moment for me and I wasn’t sure what path to follow. There were loads of options open to me because of the different subjects I studied and the grades I achieved, but none of them felt like they quite fit.” 

“That was 4 years ago now, since leaving Long Road I’ve set up my own business competing horses at an international level! This is completely different to what I studied but the skills in organisation, self-motivation and independence I learnt at Long Road, from my subjects and general college life, have allowed me to establish a successful career doing what I love.”

“At the time it was a risky decision to make. But Long Road didn’t just teach me the facts I needed to pass exams, but taught me the life skills I needed to turn my dream career into reality. I know now that it was definitely the right choice to make and despite the early mornings and late nights I LOVE what I do; not many people can say that about their job.”

“It’s not just about what you learn in a classroom, but all those other skills and experiences you don’t even realise you’re gaining while you’re at college which have helped me get where I am today.” 

Keep up-to-date with all of Rebecca’s success on her Facebook and Instagram pages – maybe it’ll inspire you to turn your passion into a career!