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Psychology students visit Poland!

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Earlier this year, our Psychology students went on an exciting residential trip to Poland. This trip was aimed to increase, enlighten, and give insight into our social influence topic that we study in psychology. This has direct links with social psychology where we look at how we can explain why the Nazis followed Hitler’s orders and apply knowledge of conformity to real-life examples. The trip lasted three days and two nights.

I found the recent trip to Poland very interesting and eye-opening, I hadn’t experienced anything like it before. I found Auschwitz to be very interesting and quite shocking. I found Schindler’s museum to be very useful in my studies and it showed me reasons to why an event like the holocaust was ever able to happen and how the general public was controlled through fear.

On day 1 we visited the market in Krakow; had lunch in the old town; had some free time to go shopping and explore the city; went for dinner and a folk show.

Day 2 was our trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau; we had a tour guide throughout and this really brought home the scale of the atrocities that occurred there. This was then followed by a 3-hour salt mine tour that had a depth of 327 metres, that extends via horizontal passages and chambers for over 287 kilometres (178 miles). We went for dinner at the Hard Rock café which was a well-needed pick up for us all ad time to reflect.

On Day 3, we had a walking tour of Krakow’s Jewish District and met a holocaust survivor.

We went to the local market in Krakow, visited the salt mines, went to Auschwitz, did a tour of Krakow, ate loads of food (+hard rock cafe). I learned more about what went on in the concentration camps and it showed more deeply the extent to what the Nazis did. A highlight for me was visiting Auschwitz. This has helped to show the extreme side of conformity and what makes people obey on a greater scale.