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Progression Week 2021

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Our annual Progression Week is fast approaching and it is already looking to be an action-packed week full of activities to get your brain buzzing with ideas about where your progression after Long Road could take you!

We’ve got a wide range of opportunities for all students to get involved with, taking place both in-person and virtually, giving you the flexibility to attend sessions even if you aren’t on-campus! Check out our timetable below and start thinking about your future career path after Long Road!

This year, our After Long Road parents event will be taking place virtually, if you would like to attend please click here to sign up via Eventbrite. 

Check with your teachers for individual subject progression resources available via Teams and Moodle and don’t forget to read our Careers e-mag!

If you have any questions please email our Careers Department at or

After Long Road – Parents Event

  • Date: Wednesday 16 June
  • Time: 6pm – 8pm
  • Speakers: 
    • Long Road Sixth Form College Guidance Team
      • Summary: How the college supports students and what research and preparation students can do over the Summer
    • Form the Future
      • Summary: Apprenticeships – the reality of local competition, and availability in a world impacted by COVID (including Degree Apps)
    • University of Essex
      • Summary: Personal Statements and the UCAS process
    • Anglia Ruskin University
      • Summary: Student Finance explained
    • Long Road Sixth Form College Progression Team
      • Summary: Strengthening Student portfolios beyond their qualifications
  • Location: Virtual Meeting (Teams Live Events)

Monday 14 June

  • Gap Year Talk with Project Trust
    • Time: 10am – 10:30am
    • Speaker: Jane Ham, Head of Volunteer & Schools Engagement
    • Summary: Project Trust has been organising long term voluntary placements in Africa, Asia and Latin America for young people since 1967, specialising in overseas volunteering for school-leavers
    • Location: Zoom Meeting


  • Exploring Career Options: What is a Paramedic?
    • Time: 1:15pm – 2pm
    • Speaker: Jackie Norman – Anglia Ruskin University
    • Summary: Jackie will give a background on her role and career to date.  She will talk about degree options for students considering a career as a Paramedic and what career options are available after completing a Paramedic Science Degree.
    • Location: G8


  • From Reclaim the Night to Reclaim These Streets: A Historical Perspective on the Clapham Common Vigil – History Careers with Lincoln University
    • Time: 1pm – 1:45pm
    • Speaker: Professor Krista Cowman, Professor of History/Director of Research, Lincoln University
    • Summary: The recent scenes on Clapham Common, where women gathered to protest against the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard and the more general harassment they face every day, produced some shocking media coverage.  Yet while the images were striking, they are by no means unique.  This talk will offer a brief history of women’s public campaigns against violence since the 1980s, and the responses that these have drawn from local authorities and police.
    • Location: Zoom Meeting


  • Writing strong Personal Statements Using OSCAR software
    • Time: 2pm – 2:45pm
    • Speaker: Progress Coaches
    • Location: E3 (Student Centre)

Tuesday 15 June

  • Gap Years with Asia & Africa
    • Time: 11am – 11:45am
    • Speaker: Andrew Mackenzie, Managing Director Africa & Asia
    • Summary: Africa & Asia Venture (known as AV) has been operating since 1993 and offers full-immersion (you live / work with the locals) volunteering programs in Africa and Asia. 6,000 young people aged 17-25 from 30+ countries have travelled with us. AV’s projects are generalist in nature and have benefited young people going into a huge range of careers by providing them with a stand-out gap year experience that adds real value to their CV in employers’ eyes. We are looking for young people to travel with us who are adaptable, committed, resilient and have a sense of humour!
    • Location: Zoom Meeting


  • Degrees in Sport with Anglia Ruskin University
    • Time: 12:25pm – 1:10pm
    • Speaker: Dr Dan Gordon, Associate Professor, Cardiorespiratory Exercise Physiology, Anglia Ruskin University
    • Summary: Covering his academic background in Exercise Science, Dr Gordon will give students an overview of what to expect from a Sport & Exercise Science BSc at ARU (including entry requirements).  He will discuss potential opportunities open to students once enrolled on their degree including internships and give examples of a range of careers of alumni using talking heads!
    • Location: Zoom Meeting


  • The Ups and Downs of Bitcoin
    • Time: 1pm – 1:45pm
    • Speaker: James Rylatt , Senior Lecturer in Finance, Lincoln International Business School
    • Summary: Bitcoin has had enjoyed a rollercoaster ride in 2021. Donald Trump thinks that the crypto-currency ‘just seems like a scam’. El Salvador plans to make it legal tender. Tesla stopped accepting it as a payment just two months after making a well-publicised $1.5 billion investment. So what does the future hold for Bitcoin? Is it, in fact, a currency at all? And does it really consume more electricity than Argentina?
    • Location: G112


  • UCAS Drop-in
    • Time: 2:40pm – 4:10pm
    • Speaker: Progress Coaches
    • Location: LRC Computer Room

Wednesday 16 June

  • SCFC Children’s Charity
    • Time: 11am – 1:30pm
    • Location: Quad


  • Policing Degree Apprenticeships
    • Time: 12:25pm – 1pm
    • Speaker: Bethan Howe Schools and Colleges Engagement Officer – Anglia Ruskin University
    • Summary: Beth will talk about the Degree Apprenticeship in Policing programme ARU are running and how students can apply.  She will be able to answer questions on course content and how the Degree Apprenticeship is different from a standard Degree.
    • Location: G112


  • Taster Lecture: “Make a Difference: Exploring the influence of film and media within contemporary society and culture”
    • Time: 1pm – 1:45pm
    • Speaker: Clementine Monro, Associate Professor –Lincoln School of Film and Media
    • Summary: The Lincoln School of Film and Media focuses on teaching at a professional level, inspiring and advancing the next generation of film makers, animators, cinemaphotographers, sound producers, scriptwriters, and photographers, to name just a few! With expertise and enthusiasm, academic staff and students explore the influence of film and media within contemporary society and culture and in response, work together in making impactful practice projects and research. This detailed, visually rich presentation will show a sample of the exciting types of modules, projects, and initiatives that we offer.
    • Location: G110


  • UCAS Drop-in
    • Time: 2:40pm – 4:10pm
    • Speaker: Progress Coaches
    • Location: LRC Computer Room

Thursday 17 June

  • Post-truth Politics and Digital Fakery
    • Time: 1pm – 1:45pm
    • Speaker: Dr Martin Lang, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art – Lincoln University
    • Summary: Martin will speak about a painting project he is working on that investigates whether paintings can be “faked” on the level of the brushstroke, drip, smear, or splat. Martin uses a combination of actual (“analogue”) brushstrokes and digital prints of scanned paintings that he also manipulates using digital painting software. The digitally printed marks are then enhanced using special acrylic mediums to give the impression that they are three dimensional. Martin will talk you through this process, show you examples of each stage and explain what facilities he uses at the University of Lincoln to achieve these results.
    • Location: Zoom Meeting


  • Social Work: What to expect with Anglia Ruskin University
    • Time: 2pm – 2:45pm
    • Speaker: Pennie Byrne, Senior Lecturer, Social Work, Anglia Ruskin University
    • Summary: Pennie is the course leader for the BA in Social Work.  She will discuss the role of a Social Worker in detail, give examples of jobs in social work, and tell students what to expect on the Social Work Degree at Anglia Ruskin University.
    • Location: Zoom Meeting

Friday 18 June

  • Each Cambridge Charity
    • Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm
    • Location: Quad


  • Making Psychology Matter to You
    • Time: 1pm – 1:45pm
    • Speaker: Dr Paul Goddard, Senior Lecturer in Psychology
    • Summary: This is an interactive, fun session that questions what we know about the world around us and what we know about ourselves. It is thought provoking for both Psychology and non-Psychology students alike requiring no subject specific knowledge.
    • Location: G110


  • Routes into the Education Sector
    • Time: 1:15pm – 2pm
    • Speaker: John Parkin, Senior Lecturer Practitioner, Primary Education, Anglia Ruskin University
    • Summary: John is the Senior Lecturer Practitioner for the Primary Education Department at ARU.  He will be able to inform students about the different course options available at ARU, including entry requirements.
    • Location: G8