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Progression Week 2020: After Long Road – Live!

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It became clear quite quickly, that the C-19 Lockdown would create a challenge to the usual Progression Week Activities of college, this year.  Previously, students have had trips to companies, visiting speakers, challenging workshops, even competitions to take part in, all with the intention of encouraging reflection upon current subjects being studied and their relevance to what students want to do when they leave college.  The challenge facing staff this year was to embrace the importance of such reflection and planning, whilst coming up with alternative activities to achieve the same outcomes, and we think we did a great job.


A total of 44 virtual workshops, facilitated by Teams and Zoom technology, allowed us to bring expertise from the world of work and education into student homes, covering input from most teaching departments.  In many ways, it was arguably more successful, (perhaps more intimate?), than visiting speakers at the front of the classroom, because students were able to listen from the comfort of their homes, whilst asking pertinent questions should the need the arise. Another advantage of this approach was that many of the activities were recorded and are soon to be released via the Long Road ClickView Library, under the banner of “Insights into Progression, Short Film Series, 2020”.  This allows those who were unable to attend workshops the opportunity to catch up with useful content. Films will be available showing interviews with all of the following organisations :

  • Cambridge University Hospitals (Addenbrookes)
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Cambridge University Press
  • First Intuition
  • Kameo Recruitment
  • MACE Construction
  • Raleigh International (Gap Year)
  • Film Industry Insights


Our thanks go out to all of those who took part, with additional thanks to Turners Soham Ltd, (sadly, their film was corrupted (!) but students who attended the live interview reported how beneficial it was), and our “Women in Sport Alumni” and  “Business Studies Alumni”, whose films we hope to add soon.  Oh yes, and on the competition front, it was great to see one of our students, Jake McEvoy, win the Runners Up Award in Anglia Ruskin University’s National Story Telling Competition, with his short film, “The Guest” , described as, ‘a clever story’ with, ‘some really imaginative framing and a very good reveal at the end’. Well done Jake!


Of course, thinking about the future doesn’t need to be restricted to Progression Week, so we are keen to promote awareness of the new offering from the Progression Department, our fortnightly Careers e-Mag.  This publication goes from strength to strength, highlighting topical content for potential Progression Routes (HE, Apprenticeships, Gap Year, Job Seeking and Employability Skills) and the archive for these magazines can be found here.  To help students get the most out of the Summer Break, we would encourage looking at features in past and future editions,  including Virtual University Open Days, Virtual Workshops (including CV and Interview Preparation), and in the absence of ‘physical’ opportunities, Virtual Work Experience.  This e-Mag series will continue throughout the summer and beyond, building on earlier work and to help students to contribute to student Progression Plans for next year, and we wish you all great success.