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Poppy Norris #LongRoadAlumni

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Poppy Norris

Secondary School: Bassingbourn Village College
Long Road student 2019 – 2021
Studied: Musical Theatre, Health and Social Care

The main thing that drew me to Long Road was the environment. When I was looking around, everyone was so welcoming and it had a very natural feel about it. Also, the courses offered were versatile depending on the student and I liked that, as not everyone’s the same. Some people like exams whilst others don’t. The fact you can study different exam boards and have a different path in getting qualifications is brilliant.

I enjoyed everything about Long ROad, it’s so hard to pinpoint one specific thing. The staff are so welcoming and will support you no matter what, they try and help the student individually and are willing to take up their own time to sit with students making them feel more confident. Alongside the environment, it feels safe and secure, it’s welcoming and doesn’t feel forced. For example, students and teachers are engaging in conversations naturally. Finally, I really enjoyed becoming a student ambassador and volunteer. I would definitely recommend it as I have been given so many opportunities.

Long road helped me get to where I am today because of the contact they have with students. They will push you to get the best out of you but also support you throughout. I also wasn’t afraid to ask for help if I needed it. And you definitely shouldn’t be scared to ask. No ones going to judge you, that’s the teachers’ job. At Long we all get assigned tutors, and these stay with throughout your time at long. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without mine. They help you with everything and I am so grateful for that. They are also so lovely and if you have a problem talk to them. Because at the end of the day, they are here to support your studies, safeguarding, health etc.

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