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Physics Project Day

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On Friday our Year 1 Physics students attended another annual Project Day where they listened to presentations from 3 different companies: Marshall’s, The Technology Partnership (TTP) and The Wellcome Institute. Each company gave a presentation to our students about the work they do and offered the students the chance to participate in a Project Day on their worksites, which will involve a design challenge!

The students now need to organise themselves into a suitable team and enter a pre-Project Day exercise; to produce a presentation, video, poster to meet the companies brief. Marshall’s brief is ‘How technology can be used to improve safety.”, TTP’s brief is “To compare and contrast the varying designs of an everyday object”, and the Wellcome Insitute’s brief is “How would you spend £20 million to eradicate malaria from a country?”

Each company will judge the entries from Long Road and the best team will then be invited to the company Project Day – good luck to all our teams!