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Physics & Computing students attend Cambridge University Engineering workshop

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Five of our Year 1 Physics and Computing students, Jamie, Luke, Dale, Rachel and Eddie, have been involved in an exciting project with local firm ARM who design and build smartphone software and hardware. The project is part of the National Engineering Education Scheme Programme, running from October 2018 to Easter 2019.

The team of students are completing a project to design and make a visual aid to help deaf people to identify sound directions. This is essentially building , programming and demonstrating a device which monitors sounds, and has a visual display to show the direction from which the sound originates, displayed on a wearable garment. They identified this as a need from research questionnaire responses from deaf people.

ARM provided a microprocessor (like a Raspberry Pi) and challenged the team to come up with uses for this, and a project idea. The students had no experience of C++ programming but within a few mentor sessions were making astounding things happen. The  team have limited experience or knowledge of electronics/programming, they have weekly mentors sessions of 2 hours with ARM engineers to develop the skills needed. In addition the team meet to complete the project weekly in a free lesson.



So far as part of their programme the students have:

  • attended the launch day in the Cambridge University Department of Engineering on October 17th,
  • committed to meeting for one hour every week as a team to work on the project
  • attend weekly mentor sessions in college with ARM engineers,
  • attend the 2 days of workshop sessions in the Cambridge University Department of Engineering  to construct necessary components Dec 10th and 11th

To finish the programme students will write a detailed report and present this project to professional engineers at a one day Celebration event during Easter 2019.