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Photography students study ‘regeneration’ and shoot from the hip!

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Photography students went on a trip to London in July. The intention was to challenge their preconceived ideas about photography as they start their A2 coursework and their personal projects. Photography teacher Mary Weinberger explains:

“The day was split into two workshops exploring photographic techniques in diverse ways. One was based around experimental photography in the Photographers’ Gallery and the other focused on ‘Street’ Photography.

In the Photographers’ Gallery the students looked at ‘Regeneration’ an exhibition by six artists who are known for pushing the boundaries of photography. All of them “Share an interest in the sculptural potential of the photographic print.” Looking at the old photographs that had been worked into with objects, paint and thread, the students were asked to reflect on questions such as; “Is this photography?” and “Why do you think working with archival photographs is becoming so popular?”

After discussing the exhibition the group participated in a workshop where they experimented with found images and a variety of sewing and drawing materials. The results were improvised and surprising, giving students lots of ideas for their practical projects. One student said the best thing about the workshop was “Seeing all the different ideas from everyone.”

The second workshop asked the students to observe aspects of everyday life as they walked to Convent Garden. They were set the task to ‘Shoot from the hip’ which is a technique used by Social Documentary photographers. The images they produced were vibrant, using dramatic angles and exciting compositions.

We are looking forward to an exhibition of some of the exciting work that the students produced during the day.”

To see a snapshot of the students’ work, go to: