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PE alumnus shares his expertise with our students

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Physical Education A level students were treated to an inspirational and fascinating talk by former Long Road student Mitchell Morse. Mitchell took Biology, Geography and PE A levels in 2015, and achieved full UMS (Uniform Marks Scale) marks on his final A2 theory exam, an exceptional achievement. Mitchell is studying PE and Youth Sport at the University of York, St Johns and is currently in his second year after achieving a First for his Year 1 work. Chris Cope, Head of Sport, PE and Health & Social Care at Long Road, reports:

“Mitchell emphasised to our current students the importance of early preparation for exams and the need for constant repetition of learning. It was good for our students to hear this from a person who only recently left Long Road, and one who scored so highly on the theory exam.

“Employability is of key importance to our students, so Mitchell stressed the need to take every opportunity of gaining extra experience and qualifications to bolster your CV. In addition, Mitchell views independent learning skills as a crucial factor in success at university, and he stressed how important it is to develop these during sixth form.

“It was interesting to hear that it was not the content of the work that was demanding on a university course but the need to analyse work and evaluate outcomes far more critically.

“I would like to thank Mitchell for giving up his time to come and talk to us – and I am extremely pleased to hear how well his degree course is progressing.”