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Particle Physics masterclass at Cambridge University

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Physics A level students were treated to a masterclass at the High Energy Particle Physics group at Cavendish Laboratories, Cambridge University.

There were three seminars: Taking giants steps with the LHC, Neutrinos in seven questions and How to prove the existence of something you can’t see. These alternated with four lab sessions:

1. Tracking particles from 1960s photos of bubble chamber tracks
2. Detecting cosmic rays using ionisation tracks
3. Playing the Hunt the Higgs card game
4. Measuring the energy of particles from the Cherenkov radiation

David Jones, Physics teacher and Head of Science at Long Road, says: “This is yet another amazing opportunity at the end of what has been a fantastic term for our STEM students. We are exceptionally lucky to be based in Cambridge, and I know that this masterclas has inspired our top Physics students as they enter the revision and consolidation period of their studies with us.”

To see more photos, go to: Particle Physics Masterclass Facebook